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6th February 2000, 15:17
I've been running windows 2000 with my G400. To debug i'm using softice however i've been experiencing problems. When i trigger softice it suppose to popup as a screen in window 2000, but what is does is send garbled images in invalid frequenties as my monitor reports. I have tried the 490 and 500 drivers. I've been able to bypass this problem by adding an old Riva TNT card to my system and now the softice screen runs on this screen. But the secondary vga causes other problems. So i hope some can solve this problem without telling me to wait for the next drivers for win2k.

Windows 2000 2195 Proffesional
Abit BP6 + 2x366 celeron
Matrox G400 AGP
Vortex2 Audio card
NE2000 network card
19" mitsubishi


6th February 2000, 16:58
I do all my debugging inside VMWare, the G400 drivers are just too unpredictable.


6th February 2000, 19:48
I know that NuMega people have been in contact with Matrox about a way to fix this (I don't know if the problem is in the display driver or SoftICE). Hopefully, a patch will be available soon.

In the meantime, if you can get your hands on a old monochrome monitor and adapter card, SoftICE works quite well with it along a G400 (I'm using this setup every day).