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5th February 2000, 14:41
HI all,

I've got a Question.
I've got a p3-450Mhz@517Mhz.

When I launch MS new Earth@1024x768x32 fullsreen, I've got about 85fps without moving the earth.And the G400 is O/c'ed to 160.65/214.20Mhz(Vannilla SH)

When I overclock the procesor to 630Mhz and disableling the L2 cache, I get about 80fps.

With 3Dmark2000 I get score of about 2400 with 517Mhz.
And 2000 With 630Mhz.

Does anyone know what's the problem??

System: Currently@630Mhz,
128mb 7ns 133Mhz Ram,
Asus P3b-f,
Irq of G400 is 11 and is shared with ACPI IRQ holder for pci IRQ contol..
(If you wan't to know more info about the system just say so.)
Thanx all!
Sorry modorator if I put it in the wrong Forum!.


Windows are made of glass. If you push to hard they'll break.
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5th February 2000, 14:52
DO NOT disable your level2 cache, that SERIOUSLY affects your performance!
for instance, a pentium 450 oced to 500 without cache would go _WAY_ slower than 450 with lvl 2 cache.
I know on my old pentium 233 when i disabled it, i got 6 fps in quake2 vs 45.
I doubt it would be as drastic on your computer tho.

5th February 2000, 15:06
Wow your response waz Quick! not even 10Min!

Can I still O/C my procesor to 630Mhz Without disableling the L2 Cache???

Windows are made of glass. If you push to hard they'll break.
&lt;From a dutch Guy who's 15&gt;

5th February 2000, 16:38
Hiho, hiho
It's off to General Hardware we go....