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3rd February 2000, 09:06
This may seem like a stupid question. But how do Identify whether my G400 is a standard 32Mb or MAX version. Because it came with a fan on the chipset, plus windows seems to think it's a G400 Max.

The thing is I ordered a standard card . . .

3rd February 2000, 09:13
A MAX has 5 nanosecond memory onboard... but the fan was a give-away already http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

3rd February 2000, 09:14
haha, consider yourself lucky. As far as I know, the standard 32mb card just came with a really big heatsink. The MAX comes with a smaller heatsink ?? and a fan. Of course, I could be wrong....

3rd February 2000, 10:14
Check out the RAMDAC: if its 360Mhz, consider yourself lucky...

Also, I think that the graphics clock is 166Mhz, higher than the standard G400.

Im almost sure that the fan is G400 MAX exclusive...

Check this with MGA Tweak or with Powerstrip.

3rd February 2000, 10:54
If PowerDesk identifies it as MAX, it's MAX.
Just go to Advanced Propertioes - Info.

3rd February 2000, 13:12
Then my g400, is also a max http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif although it doesnt have a heatsink, it does have a 360 mhz ramdac, and pd identifies it as a max!

Guess Im lucky!

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3rd February 2000, 13:20
Well, by default the Graphics and Warp clock run at 150, and the memory at 200.

I overclock it to about 163/204 it could go higher but it overheats ^-^

I doubt it's a MAX then?

3rd February 2000, 15:45
150/200 is the proper default clocking for a MAX.
With those clockings, the fan, and the drivers IDing it as a MAX, there is no doubt that it really is a MAX....

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3rd February 2000, 16:17


sorry :0)

3rd February 2000, 16:40
it could go higher but it overheats...Errr...if it overheats, that's kinda a signal that it can't go higher, extreme cooling notwithstanding...the reason the cooling becomes 'extreme' then, is to overcome the obvious natural limits of the silicon symptomized by the overheating....



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4th February 2000, 14:30
Sorry, what I meant was, that without more extensive cooling it would overheat.