View Full Version : DVD under Win2000

3rd February 2000, 13:48
Happened to stop by a book store that had "Running Windows 2000" from MS Press. The book indicated that Win2000 includes DVD Player (similar/same as Win98).

Not the best software DVD player, but it's better than nuthin...


3rd February 2000, 13:52
Yep, I really haven't even bothered with it. I'm just happy my Realmagic drivers and Station.exe can output to my TV. Anyone wanna hear something weird? Recently using X-Setup 5.5.1 I think...I enabled DVD functionality in Media Player, well when I did that now whenever I play a movie file in media player it outputs the movie to my TV!!! For instance I was looking at the Ultima Ascension .DAT files and I double-click on one and TADA in fullscreen on my TV going straight through my DXR3 the Ultima Ascension Intro!!!!

3rd February 2000, 20:32
Has anyone been able to get DVD playback from the G400 in Windows 2000? I've tried and I get some message that my video card doesn't support it.