View Full Version : Cursor flickering problem G400/WIN98SE

2nd February 2000, 07:01
I'm having a hard time getting rid of an annoying flickering of the cursor.. Every time I hold the mouse pointer over a graphic element it flickers, for example when I hold it over an icon in the taskbar, it disappears for a short time while the tooltip is appearing!?

Anyone know how to solve this?

Windows 98 SE, Matrox G400Max(5.41.008), Abit BE6, Logitech Cordless Mouse Wheel.

2nd February 2000, 11:24
i would check to see if pointer trails are turned on, i had this problem and disabling pointer trails fixed it.

also wouldn't hurt to get the latest drivers for your mouse.

keep it fun.....

2nd February 2000, 16:11
G400 chip, ONLY when dualhead functions are enabled (Zoom, Clone) disable HW cursor and enable a software one.
Is perfectly NORMAL but if you disable Clone and/or Zoom HW cursor appear.