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1st February 2000, 16:20
Hi there everyone,

I got my g400 max last week and have since been experiencing problems with some DVD's.

During playback, sound sometimes starts to break up. This does not occur with all dvd's that are played (Mummy just played fine), but it does occur and is, in a word, irritating. Does anyone have any suggestions.

AMD K6-2 450
160Mb Ram
G400 Max
SB-Live: Value

I think thats all the pertinent information.

thanx :E

1st February 2000, 17:11
I used to have the same problem, exact same

except with Something about Merry.

For me, it only happened when I used the Matrox DVD player. PowerDVD, WinDVD, worked fine.

Though I fixed it by turning DMA on my cdrom. Make sure you have DMA turned on.

1st February 2000, 18:30

Some DVDs are more cpu intensive than others during decoding for playback. When The Matrix came out, several dvd players could not keep up with it.

You have an odd amount of ram in your system, 160MB. How is this arranged? I would guess either 128 stick + 32 stick, or 2 * 64 sticks + 32 stick. One thing you could try is to rip out the 32 stick so that you have only 128 ram. The unwritten rule is that when you mix and match your ram sizes, you get a 10% (roughly) performance hit on your memory bandwidth. That might be just enough to have it play back smoothly some of the troublesome DVDs.

Also, what resolution and color depth are you trying to play them in? Perhaps you can bump down a resolution.

2nd February 2000, 14:18
Hey steve, i thought we fixed this problem, last week.

Get a new processor, like my celery.

U wont regret it

A-Trend Mobo 6240 V2
MSI slocket(6905-Dual)
Celery 400a@500
Matrox G400 32 D/H (5.41 drivers)
Soundblaster 1024 Live @3.0 drivers
8.4 West Dig (ATA 33)
6.4 Fugitsu (ATA 66)
MS Intell/Explorer USB
Pioneer 6/32x DVD
Memorex 48X CD
Altec lansing Sub + 2 satelite speakers

SuSe Linux soon to be installed (proper operating System)