View Full Version : DVDMax, DVD and Windows 2000

2nd February 2000, 14:10
I could not get either WinDVD or PowerDVD to work in windows 2000. WinDVD just gets stuck on the opening screen, redisplaying the same scene over and over again, with some corruption at the bottom of the screen. PowerDVD reboots my machine with no warning.
Also, after enabling DVDMax, programs don't start properly in my machine at all, giving me a error message " Program failed to initiailize properly". As soon as I switch to the VGA driver, they work fine. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the G400 driver with no luck. It seems once I enable DVDMax I am doomed. I tried deleting all the registry entries that had Matrox in them as well before reinstalling and still no luck. If anyone could help with a solution that does not involve reinstalling Windows 2000 from scratch, it would be greatly appreciated.