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1st February 2000, 15:45
I recently bought a used Matrox G100 and I and can't install it, my computer doesn't seem to find it. I heard from my local computer store that this is a common problem with the G100, I've got the latest drivers so... He said something about installing a standard VGA adapter and something about running the safe mode to install something, he wasn't sure at all since this is somewhat old, and he didn't remember.

Please, mail me or post a message here. I'm dying here with a resolution of 640x480 with 16 colors. aAAaagrh! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Fat Tone
2nd February 2000, 06:37
Hi Splaron

It's been a long time since i used one of those but here goes (I also have a bad memory)...

Firstly, make sure you get rid of all traces of previous graphics cards (search the registry using regedit for the name of the card etc)

Next make sure you delete any previous atempts at installing the G100 (file beginning g100*.* or mga*.* etc)

You may also like to reboot in safe mode and check device manager for mulitple graphic adaptors and delete any extra ones.

I say all the above assuming you are set to 'standard PCI graphics adaptor' or 'VGA adaptor' etc at the moment.

Run the program 'setup.exe' where your drivers are stored and it should take care of the rest. Another alternative is to use 'update driver' for the graphics adapter in Device Manager, but this won't install PowerDesk.

Of course, all the above applies equally to any Matrox card. I hope i've explained it all clearly.

There is the Matrox uninstaller utility, but I'm not sure if that will remove old G100 drivers.

Good Luck


2nd February 2000, 06:51
Standard procedure:

1. Boot up in Safe mode, and then go here:
Windows Start menu > Settings > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > View by type
2. Delete anything listed under Display Adapters
3. Reboot normally
4. Windows should detect a new display card and when asked you can point it to wherever your <insert card here> drivers are
5. Reboot and Windows should detect a new monitor - make sure it matches or come close to your own; don't accept generic types like "Plug and Play monitor" (all monitor are PnP nowadays)
6. If wanted, run any setup program provided with your drivers to install the fluff

2nd February 2000, 07:04
1. Remove all traces of previous drivers.
2. Run Matrox driver SETUP program (do not install through Windows "New hardware detected" - simply press Cancel).
3. If you have any problems (like Matrox Setup not detecting the card) - get MXINFO from my website, read and check the information and follow the instructions in "driver installation problems".

2nd February 2000, 09:07
Could you please just let us know, for the record:[list=1] Is this an AGP or PCI card (the original Productiva 100 was apparently an AGP1X card only, as per the .pdf, while the newer Productiva G100 Multi-Monitor seems to be PCI only, as per the product page on Matrox's site)? If AGP, are you running Windows95 and if so have you installed the USB supplement?[/list=a]

Other than that, follow the above instructions and all should be well.


2nd February 2000, 11:28
It's the AGP card, and yes, the USB stuff is installed. Spoke to my local computer deal today and he said that I must test to install another AGP card and then the computer will find the G100. I tried, but I couldn't even install the other card, the exact same problem. The card is ASUS TNT2 i think... I'm not sure, the card's not mine so...

Anyway, I've tried all your tips but the problem remains. I can't even install the standard VGA adapter, it says that the lies in the "main video adapter", (roughly translated from swedish... )


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