View Full Version : No video upon powering up, again.....

1st February 2000, 09:45
My pc specs are
Compaq Presario 5600S
AMD K6-3 400mhz@400mhz
128 Megs o ram
2x DVD
Diamond S90 Sound
Generic 56k Modem with rockwell chip
3COM 10/100 Nic
VIA chipset
100mhz memory bus, 66 mhz 2x AGP, 33mhz PCI
Matrox OEM G400 Dual head with 32meg of ram

So far in the about 2.5 weeks of experience I have had with my G400 cards I have somehow managed to destroy 2 of them. The first one I purchased worked beautifully for about 2 weeks. I used the dual head profusely, played DVD's and my 3d games, and even went all out with using the Infocus digital projector for my DVD's. And everything appeared to work beautifully.
Then while in the middle of playing some Nerf Arena Blast my PC locked up. I power cycled it and suddenly upon powering up my PC I get no video. The PC grinds the HD and the floppy like it is initing. Then there is a bit of a wait and the floppy light then turns on and stays on permanatly. I recieve no beep codes or anything. Just a permanent floppy light. So I went ahead and tried a different monitor. No go. I reset my cmos. No go. I then put in my old Diamond Viper 550 and checked out what settings i could change in the bios ect. Well aparantly my bios is not advanced enough to change the AGP aperature size. So that was a dead end. I tried taking all my extra cards out. Didn't work. As far as i could tell the card was now a paper weight. So I sent it back to the store i purchased it from and recieved another. I plug that in and boot up fine. But as soon as i went to the display properties tab, I didn't even change anything, my pc froze again. So i power cycled it. And well I am back to the symptoms I described above.
Has anyone else experienced this. Is there something obvious I am missing. I am going to try to get some bios updates to see if that gets me anywhere. I just find it unlikely since the first card worked for like 2 weeks. I really doubt that the cards are manufactured as really low quality since i haven't read much along this line. Should I try making one of those Matrox emergency disks? Can I make one of those from a computer without my G400 in it?