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29th January 2000, 21:30
I've got a Matrox Marvel G200 PCI, and it works perfectly, but with one problem. BOB's audio passthrough doesn't seem to work.

I have checked the wiring and it's correct; in to out and out to in. The sound works fine both on computer speakers and when I use a converter to connect the mini-stereo jack to RCA audio jacks on both my television and my stereo.

I've tried putting the volume at minimum, the volume at maximum, and several levels in between. Still doesn't work. Changing the volume *does* affect the volume when connected directly to speakers, tv, or stereo.

Audio is not recorded, either, when I try to record from tv-in. Video records fine.

I have also tried several settings on my audio configuration (I have an onboard Yamaha), telling it to use several different types of speakers (powered and unpowered). These work as expected; computer speakers work with 'powered' and 'unpowered' is required when I connect straight to the TV (the settings are actually 'desktop speakers' and 'monitor speakers'. There's one for headphones as well, which appears to work identically to 'monitor speakers' (unpowered)).

The video on the card works absolutely perfectly, and I have no IRQ conflicts or other problems of that sort. The Marvel is on IRQ10, and does not share that IRQ with anything else. I am using TV-OUT, and the Marvel is connected directly to my TV. I have tested with TV-OUT off, using a monitor, with no success.

I am overclocking the computer, but I have turned that off while I try to debug this problem. The PCI bus is not overclocked in any case (has only run at 66 @ 1/2 or 100 @ 1/3). System temperatures are not excessively high even though case space is limited. There are no video artifacts.

Could I have a bad BOB? I purchased this recently, so would it be under warranty? Is there possibly some option I have forgotten to set?

System Configuration:
GA-6ZOZ42 Motherboard (i440ZX based)
Celeron 366 (@550 sometimes)
128MB Corsair PC100 SDRAM
Matrox Marvel G200-TV PCI (8MB)
Yamaha 7xx DX-SG integrated audio
Intel 8255x 10/100 integrated LAN
ATI Rage Pro 3D integrated video (disabled)
Symbios 20810 Fast SCSI-2 PCI
IBM Deskstar 14GXP 7200rpm 14.4GB ATA-33 HD
Toshiba SD-M1212 DVD-ROM

The system is in a low-profile black NLX case, so it looks like an AV component. There are only two PCI slots, one occupied by the Marvel and the other by the Symbios SCSI card (I will eventually be putting a SCSI drive in the system to record to). Since there's no AGP slot, upgrading to a G400 isn't an option. It was hard enough to find a PCI Marvel G200 =).

29th January 2000, 21:37
Hate to reply to my own post, but just in case it matters, I'm using Win98SE, updated with all the MS 'critical updates' and IE 5.01. Using DirectX 6.1a and Media Player 6.4. This is a fresh install, not even a week old (I just put the system together).

The card's drivers are PD5.30 and VT1.51.

When connecting the audio directly to TV or stereo, I do need to keep the volume pretty high. There's not much distortion, but it's pretty quiet.

And (I forgot my manners) thanks in advance for any help!

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29th January 2000, 22:19
I have the same card and I have no ideas, try posting in the Desktop Vid. forum, there's more Marvel owners there.

31st January 2000, 15:40
Since I'm got the %^$#*&^ DVD module, I'm running on old 4.x drivers on my Marvel, but what I've noticed is that the Matrox tv/vcr remote must be set on "Line" (not file or TV) for any audio out to work. I have to pull up the remote, set it to "line" and then exit the remote. At that point, my audio line out on my BOB will usually be ok.

I share your frustration, 'cause what I've noticed is that it isn't consistent. I've chalked it up to a sound driver conflict somewhere.