View Full Version : G400 and Ultima IX with latest beta driver.

Jochen Gundlach
30th January 2000, 23:04
Hi all,
I have a small problem, when do you no if it is driver related or not.
When I play Ultima IX with the latest patch applied. I don't get any look ups but the game falls right through back to the desktop.
When I install the latest release driver certain parts are not playable with this driver. No general protection errors.
AGP setting in Bios is set for 64MB, screen card uses IRQ5.

If I play with the BIOS setting manualy, I get IRQ9 but is shared with ACPI setting.
I don't now if this is any good. My Sound-Blaster Live takes IRQ11. Mouse on IRQ12 and USB on IRQ10. I have a USB device which I would like usig.

Any suggestion will be welcome.


Jochen Gundlach

31st January 2000, 00:49
Well since there beta drivers you can expect some problems. Try the 5.41 drivers and see what happens.