View Full Version : G200 to G400 and DX7

24th December 1999, 10:34
I have a G400 max "under the christmas tree".
We will install it tomorrow.

I now have a G200 with DX6 and the PD 5.30 drivers.

Are there any problems with DX7 and either the G200 or G400? Should I install DX7 at all?

In what order should I install DX7, the G400 and PD 5.41? (G400, PD 5.41, DX7 or some other sequence?)



24th December 1999, 10:46
I would do the following order:

1. Use the matrox uninstaller. It will reboot and detect it as a std. pci vga card.

2. install dx7

3. swap the g200 for g400

4. reboot, still keeping it as a std pci vga card.

5. install PD 5.41.

24th December 1999, 17:55
Hi Grant,

My systems runs the G400 DH Max with DirectX7A and the Matrox Driver 5.41 without any problems.
After having installed the original Matrox drivers (5.25 on my CD), I updated it with 5.41. Afterwards I updated DirectX6 with 7A and I experienced no problems at all. ... should work though...