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22nd November 1999, 01:22
Is it possible to disable Macrovisison protection when playing through TV out of G400???


22nd November 1999, 03:17
I don't think G400 is Macrovision protected.......is it?

At least mine isn't.... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon2.gif
I CAN out put the signal through VCR to TV....and.... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon2.gif

22nd November 1999, 04:25
At least I do have Macrovision protection. It is activated when playing protected DVD's. Not all DVD's are locked, but most of them are.

The Macrovision seems to be part of the Cinemaster engine, there may be Cinemaster Macrovision hacks around...


22nd November 1999, 07:25
My g400 is also macrovision protected! I have read however that the cinemaster 1.028 engine doesnt have macrovision! I havent tried it though.

22nd November 1999, 09:09
Guys, use a Macrovision descrambler between the G400's output and the VCR...These things can be Łurchased at any electronics store and you can at least make copies of the DVDs for friends and family...

22nd November 1999, 11:12
Gavin, wont that influence picture quality?

22nd November 1999, 12:20
Also if you have an old VCR it doesnīt care about Macrovision protection...

22nd November 1999, 15:30
I don't think the age of the VCR has anything to do with it. Macrovision protection isn't designed into VCRs. it's inherent. Macrovison screws with the AGC on the your VCR. It's pretty clever really, taking advantage of the slow response of the AGC circuits in videos!!


22nd November 1999, 21:32
Macrovision only affects vcr's that were designed to be affected by it. Vcr's prior to macrovision aren't affected by it. This is prior to 1990. My 2 will copy any movie or dvd without any problems. The dual deck vcr's will copy macrovision protected tapes. I haven't tried to use them with a dvd.

22nd November 1999, 22:25
Thanks for that Mynx, I wasn't aware of that. I'd love to have a look at the imput stages of one of these older videos!



22nd November 1999, 23:42
Believe me! I really CAN copy down the DVD movies onto the VCR (bought brand new Panasonic this summer). But I did work around to get the correct image.

When I used the DualHead DVD MAX to out put, the image lights up and dimmed repeatedly if I started the recording. After that, I decided to turn on BOTH DualHead Clone and DVD MAX (I will double check this because I don't remember whatelse I did). Then I can actually recorded it down onto the tape. But my motivation to do this was just too bored to play games so I didn't try others nor finished the entire movie.

The DVD I used was "Scent of A Woman", which should be Macrovision protected.....isn't it? I will try someother titles when I have time. Good luck to everyone of us who against stupid Macrovision thing.

23rd November 1999, 04:04
On a site, but vaguely related note, Anyone in the UK watch Watchdog the other day? People were complaining about Macrovision on Digital TV (Satellite and Terrestial). Enough people complained about it that they are removing it from their broadcasts!!


"The chances of anything coming from Mars, are a million-to-one", he said.

23rd November 1999, 17:43
I'm not surprised. That Anne Robinson (who presents Watchdog for all you outside the UK) is a scary piece of work.

Let's just say she has an affinity for ruby slippers ;-)

24th November 1999, 03:29
Does anyone know where I can get a Macrovision descrambler in the UK?

24th November 1999, 17:48
you can find them advertised in mags like Camcorder user, that sort of thing
mine cost me about £50 4 years ago
pretty cool is it to, replaceing the synchpulse in the sigal can make it brighter???
so better to have a model where you can screw around with the brightness and contrast controls :O)

1st December 1999, 03:40
Still, it MUST be possible to disable the Macrovision chip in the G400dh! Does anyone know in which module the call resides, and/or which chip is involved?

As far as I understand, Macrovision is triggered by a flag in the DVD movie, which is read by the player and passed on to the driver, turning it on. It actually has a choise of 4: off/type1/type2/type3)... But if the routine that passes it on to the hardware is disabled... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon3.gif

1st December 1999, 11:27
I've tried to change Cinemaster engine,I've put the 1.028,but nothing to do!Macrovision protection is in the G400 drivers...who can give us a crack?