View Full Version : Wow! G400 and SBLive! now uses 2 separate IRQs.

18th November 1999, 09:14
Wow! G400 and SBLive! now uses 2 separate IRQs.

I moved SBLive! from PCI slot 5 (farest from AGP) to PCI slot 3,
and moved VooDoo 2 card from PCI slot 3 to PCI slot 5 (farest from AGP),
without reinstalling drivers.
After reboot Win98SE has detected card swapping and reassigned all IRQ/DMA.

SBLive! used IRQ5 and SB16 Emulation moved from

PORT: 220
IRQ : 5
DMA1: 1
DMA2: 5


PORT: 240
IRQ : 9
DMA1: 3
DMA2: 7


SB16 Emulation doesn't works because (and this is a problem of my SB16 too!!!)
any Creative soundcard doesn't works with IRQ 9!!!


Setted "Allow LPT Interrupt Sharing" ON! and SB16 Emulation moved to:

PORT: 220
IRQ : 7
DMA1: 1
DMA2: 5

and all seems works well!

I don't see any problem with my HP Deskjet 720C (that share IRQ 7 with SB16 Emulation),
and i dont think to print anything while using latest emulator under DOS7.... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

(Hope this letter can helps somebody!)

Here's my new IRQ config:

0 Timer di sistema
1 Tastiera standard 101/102 tasti o Microsoft Natural Keyboard
2 Controller di interrupt programmabile (PIC)
3 Porta di comunicazione (COM2)
4 Porta di comunicazione (COM1)
5 Creative SB Live! Value
5 Gestore IRQ per PCI Steering
6 Controller disco floppy standard
7 Porta stampante (LPT1) <-- "This IRQ is shared with SB16 Emulation but doesn't appears."
8 Orologio di sistema CMOS a tempo reale
9 (libero)
10 Controller host universale Intel 82371AB/EB da PCI a USB
10 Gestore IRQ per PCI Steering
11 Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead - Italiano
11 Gestore IRQ per PCI Steering
12 WheelMouse1 (PS/2)
13 Coprocessore matematico
14 Controller primario IDE (FIFO doppia)
14 Controller IDE Bus Master Intel 82371AB/EB PCI
15 Controller secondario IDE (FIFO doppia)
15 Controller IDE Bus Master Intel 82371AB/EB PCI


18th November 1999, 09:53
Actually, my Creative SB Live Value works perfectly on IRQ 9. I don't know why you would be having a problem with it. ANyway, it doesn't seem to matter now that you have fixed the problem.


18th November 1999, 11:54
I'm glad to see you got your IRQ's fixed. I though swapping cards would do it. Sometimes you just have to try several combinations.

I am curious, why doesn't the VooDoo 2 card show up in the IRQ list? I've never had a VooDoo and this surprised me. Also, are you using an external modem to get to this forum because there is no modem in your list either.


18th November 1999, 11:57
DooDoo 1's and DooDoo2's don't need IRQ's.

18th November 1999, 14:29

SBLive! works with IRQ 9, but Creative SB16 Emulation (like SB16 original doesn't works)
You can try it with FastTracker 2 under DOS, after 1 or 2 seconds playing stops...