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16th November 1999, 13:48
Well I don't know about all of you, but I'm waiting. So far my next dollar is going to nVidia (3dfx didn't do all that, and s3 well lets not even go there).

Does anyone know what the plans are (or care to speculate), or when they plan on announcing something?


16th November 1999, 13:57
GDC in march 2000

16th November 1999, 15:03
Im thinking about, brace yourselfs now, the New ATI!!!!!!!!!!

its called the MAXX. lol
but it has 2 proccessor and 64 megs ram..
for less than a GeForce SDR. Very nice, should be out right after christmas. Some hardware sites are already previewing /reviewing them. im happy

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generic BX6 motherboard
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Maxtor 13 gig UDMA 66
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HP 2x2x6x CD-RW
64 megs PC100 RAM
Intel 10/100
Soundblaster 32 AWE
DiamondMAX 56k
Logitech Wireless Desktop (best $50 ive ever spent)
4 large fans.

16th November 1999, 15:43
Why sould Matrox announce something??
Correct me if i'm wrong but the new 3Dfx card
is not out yet for the next 5 MONTHS!!!!!
3dfx reminds me a lot of Nintendo that ALWAYS give to the public announcements about their products 2 years before the real release date(recently example the Dolphin console).
By the way this Voodoo 4 and 5 as i can see has still a 16bit dipslay hahahahahah the announcement DOEN'T say anything about 32bit display in 3d .hahahahahahahaahahahahhahahaha

16th November 1999, 16:09
Oupsss..wrong statement about the 32bit support....i was reading "the register"...

16th November 1999, 22:18
The problem with all of the new cards is that nothing supports them yet, software wise. I am holding onto my G400max and will check back at the end of next year (2000). If by then there are several good games I want to get that support the new features of these new cards (like t&l) then I will bite. Until then, I am sitting pretty http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Mark F
16th November 1999, 22:57
Voodoo 4 and 5 = 24bit z-buffer
March 2000?

S3? -"We have met with S3 this afternoon, and nobody ever mentioned that T&L would not be included. The drivers supporting hardware T&L might not be ready at the time you bring your board home, but a quick update will follow soon. We will talk to S3 about this issue tomorrow and get a clarification on it."

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Mark F.

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