View Full Version : Screen corruptions.....

16th November 1999, 13:54

I've got a G400 Dh 32mb card. Everything was fine, except that one day the screen kept corrupting after a while and would hang. I must admit i'd been messin about with the bios settings a day or two before this happened, after i reset the bios defaults it happened again, but has been fine ever since. (1 day) Is this something to worry about?

my system:
celeron 333, 64mb ram, 4.3gb samsung hd, 10x pioneer dvd, crappy jetway motherboard, 3com 905 PCI NIC, Rockwell HCF PCI modem, SB16 ISA PnP

Also, the g400 and the NIC are sharing IRQ 11...could that be anything to do with it?