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13th November 1999, 07:21
Um , does anyone know how i can get rif of this?
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Thanks, Qeteb.

13th November 1999, 07:25
Oh, by the way i'm using the Matrox DVD intalled off the CD and updated with the Elsa PLayer and the Cinemaster Engine 2.036.6158

thanks, qeteb.

13th November 1999, 08:02
Do a word search on this forum using the term "kernel" and you'll find several threads. Courage--there is an answer, you are not alone.

13th November 1999, 09:09
This problem generally happens when you update the version of the DVD player you have without rebooting e.g. like upgrading to the Elsa version. Try re-installing the Matrox version, reboot and all should be fine. I think you'll find the Matrox version of DVD player works better (ability to iconise window without causing playback problems on DVDMAX). Why did you change to the Elsa player?

13th November 1999, 10:20
i got this message when i tried to update the dvd engine and then run it with the matrox dvd player. It didn't work either. It sems that the matrox interface doesn't support the laters cinemaster engines. o to www.dvdutils.com (http://www.dvdutils.com) and you'll find a load of other interfaces that will work lovely with the matrox however for quality of playback there will be none better than the matrox as it already uses the best software decoder available albeit an earlier version. i did see another companies interface that was exactly the same as the matrox but it didn't have the logo and used the later engine.

13th November 1999, 13:17
I'm using the newest version of the Cinemaster Decoding files and the original player off the Matrox CD with no problems at all.

It says Resource Version is and Executable Version is

Single L-click the icon in the top left of the movie window title bar and goto the About screen to get this (if you didn't know and you can actually get that far.)

How did you update the Cinemaster files? All you need to do is dump them into \windows\system overwriting the files already there.

Win98 SE w/DirectX 7
P2 333@400
ASUS P2B Bios 1010
Mill G400 PD5.30
Bios 1.5
SB PCI64 4.5
Pioneer 10X DVD 1.24

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13th November 1999, 21:09
Anyone manage to get 5.1 decoding with a cinemaster player and an MX300? SBLive!? The Matrox player doesn't do it, and upgrading the engine just doesn't work past a certain version for me. Without quad sound, it is useless to me, the point of DVDs for me is theatre like sound. WinDVD does a good job but taxes the cpu too much.

PS. I have already mentioned this to Haig and he suggests that the Matrox player should be able to do quad and if it doesn't it's a bug. The readme says that if the DVD uses extended MPEG-2 audio (as opposed to..?)then it defaults to stereo at a reduced volume. There is a possible update in the works though.