View Full Version : Screen denegration/corruption with my G200...

Jonesy @ work
12th November 1999, 07:43
When playing AOEII I get screen corruption in the form of "_" lines like underscores that get worse as more happens on screen.

I have DirectX7 and the latest but one powerdesk (no reason to move on so far and the bad press the latest gets puts me off slightly).

This is the only game I get it in (HL, UT fine) and it happens regardless of the screen res/cols/quality settings in the game.

Any ideas folks?



PII-266, G200, 128mb, AL440LX Mobo, Win95b.

12th November 1999, 20:35
I got the same sorta thing... but I just clocked my G200 back down to normal with normal memory settings (I have them set pretty aggresively) and it was a solid image again....
but if your not O/C'ing the card I don't know what to tell ya....