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10th November 1999, 16:45
Most strange.
I downloaded the latest PCI list, which i'd previously tried out when I had my G200, and lo and behold, its telling me my AGP 2x wasn't enabled.
So I went and downloaded the PD5 registry hacks and forced it to 2x and life was good.
No stability change, no speed increase ... but I'm curious why it wasn't enabled by default?
I've done a fresh reinstall twice since I got my G400 so it can't be any legacy drivers or anything.
Perturbing, indeed.

P3-450@558mhz@2.1v, ABit BE6, 128megs 7.3125ns PC133 SDRAM, SB Live! Value, G400 32meg Dualhead (@120%), Acer ALN-201 PCI 10bT NIC, 6.5gig Seagate Medalist Pro 7200rpm, 13gig Quantum Fireball CR, Yamaha 4416e Burner, Pioneer 10x DVD-ROM, Panasonic e70 17" Monitor, Antec KS-188 24" Tower, 6 year old Honeywell-SUH 101key Keyboard, Logitech Trackman Marble+

10th November 1999, 17:13
In more recent versions of PowerDesk, the initial AGP stability tests have been increased. The result is more people default to 1x. These tests are supposedly going to be "loosened up" a bit for the next version...

12th November 1999, 06:37
FYI, mine also defaulted to 1x, and similarly, I had no stability change or speed increase after going to 2x.


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CPU 3DMarks ~5250
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