View Full Version : will V2 drivers mess with matrox drivers ?

9th November 1999, 15:59
Its just that I should get my g 400 in a couple of days and im just trying to tidy up my o\s so that there are no conflicts.

I have seen that people have suggested that a format of the drive is somthing to think about,but as I have not had any matrox cards in my new system this surely is not required.

The installation of win 95 OSR\2 is only three week old. regards Matt {:O)

9th November 1999, 16:27
You will Probably (note, not exactly an expert opinion) be okay. You can't use the TurboGL, but you're running W95, so I assume that's not a problem. W95 can't use PIII/K7 extensions anyway.
Maybe you should consider W98.


9th November 1999, 16:43
You are kidding right!!!!!!

I just got rid of 98 because I found it to be really slow and now I gotta put it back on "that stinks"

I had no idea that win 95 osr 2 did not utilise the extra extensions that the P3 has if I had known then I would not have put 95 on in the first place !

Thanks for the info Regards Matt {:O)

9th November 1999, 16:48
So, if you do have a P3/K7, and if you do go back to 98, and if you do leave your voodoo2 in, there is a potential problem. When you install the drivers for the G400, and you are asked if you want to install the TurboGL, you will want to say NO.

V2 drivers will conflict with the TurboGL MCD, but not the Windows drivers or full ICD...

9th November 1999, 16:53
Im not that interested in keeping my 12mb V 2 card in once I get my g400 max so it wont be a problem.Its just the bomb shell that WOMBAT just dropped on me :]

any suggestions on what release of 98 I should opt for {:O)

9th November 1999, 17:51
A number of people here at MURC like Second Edition, although I've read that others prefer the original along with the SE upgrade CD fixes. If you already have the first version, by all means get the upgrade CD and stick with that.


9th November 1999, 21:51
In all the years of using Win95, I had to reinstall a LOT! Sometimes multiple times a week. From '96 till about 6 months ago. Then I got 98SE. I heard that it was slower and less stable but I wanted AGP. So I fdisked,formatted and installed. Not one problem since. Not one. Faster, by far and like I am saying, way more stable. But get the shutdown supplement from Microsquishy.

AssuP2B ,iCeleron337, 128megs PC100, G40032megSH, Yamaha PCI sound, 2 small HD's, 42X Sony CDrom and 98SE w/shutdown patch, PD 5.30 w/beta ICD