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23rd October 1999, 02:41

I've recently installed Matrox G400 SH 16MB in my computer and I've got some
problems. In 2D everything is OK, but whenever I start to play games there is
some sort of "glitch". That means when the game runs every 4-5 seconds screen
just freezes for a moment. This happens in Driver, Freespace 2, System Shock 2, etc.
Also my tech demo doesn't work.

My configuration:
ABIT BH6 rev 1.1, 64MB RAM(PC-100), ADAPTEC SCSI controller, Celeron 400A, Sound Blaster 16(ISA),modem 56k, etc.

I've tried:

-Power Desk 5.30 (currently present)
-Power Desk 5.20 (and older)
-DirectX 6.1
-DirectX 7.0 (currently present)
-underclocking my Celeron 400A
-change AGP aperture size
-checking IRQ (only one on IRQ11)
-I have latest BIOS for motherboard and G400
-tried to change AGP/CPU clock to 1/1 and 2/3
-disabling video shadow and video caching in BIOS
-forcing 1X AGP and 2X AGP
-removing all the cards from slots except G400
-tried re-inserting G400 but didn't screw the card into the case

Needless to say, there was no problem with my last graphic 3D card(Diamond Monster 3D).
And yes, I did erase ALL the files related to old graphic cards (glide3x, etc.)

I've tried G400 with my friend's computer and everything worked perfectly (even tech demo).
He has: ASUS P2B, Cleron 333A, 64MB(PC-100),Adaptec SCSI card(similar to mine),
ISA sound card.

I suspect that the problem is with my new ABIT BH6, but I don't know what to do?

Can you tell me what is solution to my problem?


23rd October 1999, 04:13
Did you erase all entries for the Monster3D in the registry? How about using the PD 5.x Uninstaller before reinstalling PD5.x?

What are your swapfile settings?

Let's not forget the OS now. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

You need more memory!!!

23rd October 1999, 04:18
I have a c464A, BH6 and a Max, with a Vortex 1 soundcard, 10/100 nic, usr 1749 Sportster ISA modem and a bunch of others things... and have no problems what so ever!

23rd October 1999, 07:12
You can also try closing down some TSR's... you might have something that writes to your drive while you are playing... Check those system resources.. they might be too low!

23rd October 1999, 07:47
My OS is WIN98 (not SE). I've cleaned every line in system files, and every file refering to 3df, glide or Monster 3D even before I put G400 in computer.

I don't have any TSR's except PowerDesk 5.3
I also checked startup programs with system information and REGEDIT just to be on the safe side.

But I think that the problem is not in amount of memory (64 MB) because I tried my G400 on another computer who has also 64MB and works perfectly.(as I wrote before)

Swapfile setting is 256MB fixed.


23rd October 1999, 11:43
try upgrading your SCSI card drivers, if you haven't done it yet.
Solved a similar problem for me. The old drivers combined with G400 drivers caused MSGSRV32.EXE to totally hog the CPU (90-95%).
As a quick check you can temporarily disable your SCSI drivers in the Device Manager.
You can download a program called TaskInfo98 from WinFiles.com, it will show you CPU usage of all your tasks, very useful for tracking down that CPU hogger...
Good Luck.

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