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22nd October 1999, 04:37
For all those still saying that NT is no good for games, I noticed in this a plan update by Ravensoft's Rick Johnson that he is now using Windows 2000 as his primary development machine http://www.bluesnews.com/cgi-bin/finger.pl?id=183. You can pretty much guarantee that games will run best with the platform they were developed on.


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22nd October 1999, 16:26
only time will tell...

22nd October 1999, 16:36
UM, All games whether they are PC, playstation or Nintendo 64 are usualy developed using NT and various aplications such as 3DS MAx, Maya, Lightwave so for us Game 3D artists being able to run all our software on a single operating system will be awesome.

If I'm modeling in 3D studio Max 98 can not handle the huge memory/HD resources required to multitask highend apps like and unfortunately games won't play on NT so we generaly have dual boot or what is normaly the case, 2 computers per artist/programmer so we can test as we work.

I think win2K will be a godsend for game developers everywhere, and if Direct X works and drivers are avaliable you can be sure that Win 2K will be a better platform than 98, simply because of the better resource management. However it will mean another ram upgrade as NT operating systems are memory hogs, wish they would bring out a streamlined win2k without all the silly user friendly animated junk you tend to get with each new windows release.