View Full Version : G400 Max DVD woes....

13th October 1999, 23:20
I've been fiddling with the DVD aspect of the G400 Max for several days now to no avail. I'm hoping some of you can help me.

I have a Creative PC-DVD that works just fine and can run circles in crappy software mode. Now that I have my card, I am trying to go strictly with the DVD software bundled with the card and run it out.

However, the DVD software doesn't work, which in effect, means there is nothing to output. The software loads up fine. It reads the DVD drive fine, but then just sits there.

Matrox has been terribly unhelpful and almost anti-productive, which is terribly disappointing since i have always had extreme pleasure with them in the past. I have also heard a lot of other grumbling from friends who are having the same problems as me.

I would really appreciate it if you guys could help. Give me every idea you can think of to get this to work. I'm getting desperate......

13th October 1999, 23:28
My system specs are as follows:

Celeron overclocked to the 462mhz range.
128meg RAM
Matrox Millenium G400 Max 32 Meg
SBLIVE! XGamer sound card
3Com Etherlink III PCI
Sybios Logic SCSI adapter
Creative DVD-ROM PC DVD DXr2

15th October 1999, 09:07
I don't mean to be patronizing, but you did say EVERY idea, so I'm going to mention some fairly obvious ones...

1. Turn off the overclocking and try it again. Your DXR2 may not like the bus speed you're having to run it at to overclock. You may find that you have to run at normal clocking to view DVDs, which the DXR2 will run smoothly even lower clock speeds than your factory speed.

2. Make sure that your external passthrough cable (from G400 to DXR2) is connected tightly. If it's loose, you may get no picture with or without sound (seen this on my own Hollywood+).

3. Check your system properties sheet for IRQ and memory address conflicts.

4. Uninstall your software DVD program. It may have put something in the registry or the \windows\system directory that the DXR2 software doesn't like.