View Full Version : Overclocked bus speed will it affect G400?

9th October 1999, 15:04
Will a 75Mhz bus speed on motherboard harm a G400? as in Memory wise, since they are the most sensitive

I'm currently overclocking 466 Celeron to 525.


9th October 1999, 17:40
It should be fine.

I am currently running with an FSB of 133, AGP of 89, and PCI of 33.336.

No problems here.

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9th October 1999, 17:50
I find that a 75mhz has no ill effects whatsoever. On anything. Never tried burning a cd tho...I have been running a 75mhz fsb for about 3 years steady now and no prob. G400 for only about 2 months or so but no sweat. Oh, I forget, I could not run my Diamond Supra Max PCI Winmodem(ya ya I know)would not work properly at 75mhz fsb. But remember, there were a few Cyrix processors that are still reasonably new and used(for business apps and internet)that run on a 75mhz bus. So most things run fine there. Even 83 mhz is usually fine. My harddrive don't like it tho...I get really wierd directory names and such. But until it happens it runs well and no aritfacts or other "overclocking" type probs.
I guess I am trying to say, "Yeah dude(ette),should be fine"

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10th October 1999, 06:06
I have a Ricoh 4x 4x 20x CD Burner
why shouldn't i burn cd???

is it becuz of the high CPU use?

10th October 1999, 07:10
No, it's because the PCI bus (and therefore the IDE channels) are running over their 33Mhz rated speed.

I run fine with a 120Mhz FSB, 80Mhz AGP, and 40Mhz PCI bus. No problems at all.

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10th October 1999, 09:38
Clove, If your motherboard allows you to set the PCI speed, then you can reliably burn CD's with 75mhz fsb. Some mb's allow this, most don't. Mine don't. Only thing about my board that I don't like.

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10th October 1999, 17:48
Hay Clove, did you know that you can change the firmware in your Richo CDRW to get a 6X4X24?

I have (had) a 7040S that I flashed to 7060S and it works perfectly.

Apparently they are the same drive, but they make some of them perform slower so they can sell them cheaper to people. just like Intel I suppose.

I havent got the link on me, but if you go to Tomshardware, then go to his messageboard there is a link there somewhere.


10th October 1999, 17:54
found it.

Also, why doesnt my signiture show up?


10th October 1999, 23:23
Ali, is there another place where i can find that firmware? that page has been removed

10th October 1999, 23:35
what damage will do if i burn cd on 75mhz bus speed?

Physically to the hardware or the cd?

12th October 1999, 23:30
Hello? i need answers!

12th October 1999, 23:45
I work with an external Scsi CD and everything is just fine. I listen to mp3 while burning...
I did it with my old configuration as well (single Celeron 333@75Mhz).

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