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21st September 1999, 10:05
Does anyone have any info about the G200 Multi-Monitor Series now with a Dec release date? Its based on the more mature G200 chipset thus, other performance issues aside, making for a better multi-display card for non-gamers than the driver problem prone G400.

Here's the original press release from June.


tish beta2
21st September 1999, 10:09
Why do they use resources at such a thing instead of using more resources at making drivers usable in win98/nt/2k?

Now I feel I've bought a lemon. A Lemon Max http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

21st September 1999, 10:30
Hi Tish,

you mean you can't use the drivers for W9x/NT ???

Don't know about G200MMS series, but that would be a very good solution for offices with small budgets, just like the G100 MMS was/is.

A G400MMS would be even cooler http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

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21st September 1999, 10:46

I'm sure Matrox resource allocation guidelines center around maximum profitability. I don't think you bought a lemon with the G400 Max. But being the first on your block (driver wise in this case) has always been and forever will be high risk whether its a new model automobile or new video drivers.
My usage centers around multimonitor functionality more than state-of-the art 3D video performance, so the MMS is just more suited to my requirements than the G400. Your usage reguirements may reverse this statement making the G400 the smarter pick. You just have to unfortunately struggle thru these early driver revisions. But, if its any consolance, Matrox has historically been unequaled as far as driver support and maintance goes. So you have every reason to believe things will get ironed out eventually.

21st September 1999, 13:43
With the G200MMS, would you be talking like, 4 monitor support vs dual head? That might be interesting... heh

21st September 1999, 21:08

The G200MMs is a PCI card so make that up to 4 displays per available PCI slot.