View Full Version : What's a good Mainboard that supports AGP 4X?

16th September 1999, 00:24
Can some of you gurus suggest a good board (preferably with ATA66 as well) that will take my P3/500 and supports AGP 4X for my G400 32Mb Non-MAX card?

My present boards is AGP 2X, but I'm a speed freak......

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16th September 1999, 00:32
not exist....yet

16th September 1999, 00:34
There are no motherboards available that support AGP4x (yet). The second generation Athlon boards, and the Intel i820 (Camino) boards will.

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16th September 1999, 05:54
September 27th is when the Camino (i820) motherboards will be released. I think both ASUS and Abit plan on releasing a boards that day. Camino will support AGP 4x (fast-write mode too), 133 MHz fsb, RAMBUS RAM, SDRAM and/or DDR RAM (depending on what version of the board you buy), the new Coppermine PIII core, IEEE 1394 (firewire), and so on and so forth.


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16th September 1999, 06:12
Intel will not support FireWire on their motherboards. They may support USB 2.0, but since FireWire is a direct competitor to their standard, USB, they aren't implementing FireWire support on their chipsets.

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16th September 1999, 14:15
Camino will not support DDR-sdram. I sure as hell wish it would http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif Other comapnies had to breath fire for months just to get them to "support" PC133.

DDR will be 'equiv2 PC266 or better. And in terms of lower end computer use (sorry, we all fall into that one, regardless of what apps you run, using $20k+ computers or whatever at work does NOT count) DDR kicks rambus ass.

Rambus has lots bandwidth, but SUCKS at latency. DDR can get to be close to half the cpu speed (and read it all in single digit clocks) imagine 256mb of stuff that is more like the half speed L2 than older sdram. If intel was not so intwined $$$ into rambus, they'd use a nice wide (2 or 4 dimms, 128 or 256bit) memory bus with DDR. Would be cheaper than rambus is going for now.

So far benching camino has shown rambus will be slower than _PC100_ for winblows.

16th September 1999, 14:29
IEEE-1394 (called Firewire by apple) is a standard format for sending digital information at very high speeds. It is not a competing format. It is designed to transmit video between devices. It is already standard equiptment on high end camcorders. Each company may call it something different, but it's the same port. For any company to exclude it is to leave themselves out of the new technology race.
USB runs at 12mbs, IEEE-1394 is scaleable and currently runs at 400mbs, with plans to double it. It was meant to compete with SCSI.

16th September 1999, 14:31
Re 1394 support; note that the ASUS P3B has one variant that has the support built in. Firewire is not a competitor to USB, that would imply similarity which is very little in this case.

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16th September 1999, 14:44
Maybe these will work in AGP 4x


16th September 1999, 15:48
Intel has said that they won't support Firewire in any of their chipsets. I suppose someone could provide a 3rd party solution, though.
Intel is developing support for USB 2.0, which supposedly has a transfer rate of up to 80M/s,
Last I heard, the next wave of Athlon boards will have Firewire support.

16th September 1999, 17:30

I think most SCSI adapters manufacturers (mainly Adaptec) produce IEEE 1394 cards. I also think that their price is relatively low (when compared to SCSI ones).

17th September 1999, 00:11
Anyone noticed how 128MB of PC100 SDRAM which cost $95 on June 14 now costs $240

17th September 1999, 02:46
Yeah, but the price of RAM has levelled out. You'll see it dropping in a few weeks. I doubt if as low as it was before, but a more sensible amount like it was3 months or so ago.


PS: Some or all of the above message may be wrong, or, just as likely, correct. Depends on what mood I'm in. And what you know. ;)

17th September 1999, 06:02
Sorry, my bad. It is AMD that will support DDR RAM. As for Firewire, I saw the ASUS board with firewire and I guess I forgot what 2 + 2 equals. The ASUS board uses TI's new single chip Firewire solution.

I have also noticed that the i820 chipset supports the new AMR (Audio/Modem Riser) 1.0 thingy. Although I may be wrong (new technology does this to me) is it a smaller, simplified riser that OEM's can use to put low cost sound card/modems into computers. I guess they will be releasing all-in-one audio/modems for the AMR. I could be wrong, this is just what I pulled from glancing through Intel's info on AMR.

Sounds like and interesting concept, but I doubt that many hardcore computer geeks will use it. High end 3D audio cards need the PCI bandwidth (AMR uses only the minimum number of pins for basic audio). As for the modem, AMR will probably olny support Winmodems. So that counts that out, because hardcore's mostly use hardware modems or cable/ADSL modems which connect to your computer via the Ethernet card.

Joy, I get to learn something new today http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


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17th September 1999, 11:52
This URL will give you a sneak peek at what Asus will soon release in its new Camino P3C boards (AGPx4; 133MHz FSBus; ATA-66 and RIMM slot (RAMBUS) support).


BTW, AFAIK the G400 won't "do" AGPx4. All Matrox says is that you can mount and use them in AGPx4 capable slots. I don't think it matters though as by the time there is anything out there that needs AGPx4, the G400 would be a very old and passe chip. I don't know of anything that needs AGPx2 today.

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17th September 1999, 12:25
The current models will work in an AGP4X board, but won't run at 4X speed. The chip is capable, however, and so there will be G400s released which can to AGP4X once Matrox are able to test.


PS: Some or all of the above message may be wrong, or, just as likely, correct. Depends on what mood I'm in. And what you know. ;)

17th September 1999, 22:09
SteveC: Do you think we can upgrade our current G400 in terms of driver/Bios to make it run AGP4X when the chipset/MB is ready??


17th September 1999, 22:24
Note: Camino *WILL* support "AGP Pro".

Not for us low end terds, but a full implementation of AGP pro *blocks* 2 pci slots for cooling and electrical, AND can draw up to 110 Watts just for itself! That would be a serious fricking card to pull thrice what top end cpus use right now.

Some of the preview pics of asus camino boards had agp pro slots. The pro is basically a electrical extension, it has no affect on what version (1x 2x 4x) the slot can do.

As for G400 and 4x, I heard the same, will work fine, won't do crap past 2x. Who cares, most of us use the onboard memory only [esp with 32mb :] I think a lot of the ideas of agp suck anywho.

1394 is *not* cheaper than scsi any way you pull it, sorry. But you can get a _card_ around $150 now. USB and 1394 (don't say firewire unless you're an apple slut http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif are two different turkeys. Bandwidth ain't the pie in the sky either, there are some other serious differences. USB = My mouse http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif 1394 = My mpeg2 stream LOL thats the way it goes.

BTW, Intel is not dumb, they aren't competing *any* version of usb against *any* 1394 regardless of what some uninformed tech writers may try to tell you. They will coexsist just fine.