View Full Version : SEVERE!!! G400 problems with pcchips m726 motherboard

17th September 1999, 11:30
can anybody help me?

i have a matrox g400 16mb single head oem version with sdram

i have a celeron 366 running at bus speed 66 with 64mb ram running win98

i am having severe problems loading the drivers - as when i install them, it just pauses in dos - and windows won't load up - i have tried many versions of the matrox drivers and have also got the latest ALi AGP driver for the M1621 agp controller (version 1.6) which doesn't seem to help - is this the problem? What else could be the problem? Can anyone help me? Please...


17th September 1999, 15:19
One reason you might find yourself waiting for a reply is in your subject "pcchips m726" mobo. Please don't take this wrong but the quality of PChips products has been so poor over the years that most experienced people won't waste their time speculating on what the problems could be, especially when the board in question is using an ALi chipset. If you get it to work, great but don't be surprised if you don't.

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17th September 1999, 15:25
especially when the board in question is using an ALi chipset

Asus P5A is also using ALi Aladdin V chips and who argues that it's not at good board? To my experience VIA chips are worse.


17th September 1999, 15:45
Either way, the "pcchips" name alone will keep most people out of this thread http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

I'm surprised you even knew it was a pcchips board. They usually do their best to hide that. No company name printed on the board or manual, no info on how to contact tech support (this is on the pcchips boards I have worked on in the past).

the only suggestions I can think of are to:
-Go into the BIOS and try raising your AGP aperture size to 256
-Boot into safe mode, and make sure all duplicate and incorrect drivers are removed from device manager.
-Make sure there are no IRQ/memory conflicts.

17th September 1999, 16:36
Right down there with Amptron...I think PC Chips makes Amptron boards. No matter, they both suck horribly.

17th September 1999, 16:52
I must say I had a pcchips board (matsonic or whatever) with a ALI alladin IV chipset (aka TXPro) and I never had a single problem with it. I ran a MMX200 oc to 225 and never had a stability or compatibily issue with the board (and I ran a Millennium I and a m3D powerVR together, a scsi isa board, AWE32, Zoltrix modem (BTW got a Supra Express external today and I am very happy with it), 2 modules of 32 Mb SDram generic and different brand name, Iomega zip paralel,... never gave me a problem.

If I would buy one today? Nope. I got lucky, but I surely read plenty of disasters with pcchips mb.

Bottom line: yes, the mb can be the main suspect, but troubleshoot also elsewhere.
Try forcing AGP 1x. If you can, try another AGP card and see if it works.