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11th September 1999, 13:59

here're my parameters using mgatweak
fo=405.00 mhz
gclk=fo/2.5 = 162.00 mhz
mclk=fo/2.0 = 202.50 mhz
wclk=fo/2.5 = 162.00 mhz

it's working fine...

Note: if you overclock the memory more than the default 201 mhz several small white pixels will be display during a direct3d animation... so avoid to overclock the memory just overclock the graphic clock.

PII-450mhz o/c 504mhz
fsb 112mhz
agp 75mhz
pci 37.5 mhz
256mb ram
4.5 gb hard disk 10000 ultra wide
4.5 gb hard disk 7200 ultra wide
cdrom 32x scsi
cd recorder scsi
19 Iyama monitor


11th September 1999, 18:00
Using your settings for
I am able to clock my MAX to 425.25 or
170 Core 212 mem. Not seeing much of a difference in 3DMark, but other games sure do enjoy the speed increase, especially in higher res.

11th September 1999, 21:29
Strange, even my vanilla /5ns goes to 418mhz with no problems...

PII 450@464 (4.5*103)
Matrox G400 vanilla/5ns@ 167/209
Diamond MX300
256Mb pc100 ram
10gb WD
generic 10/100 NIC

12th September 1999, 03:42
Yes it's strange because i see no difference when i overclock my G400 MAX, does the MGATweak work ?

12th September 1999, 06:20
Thanks for the tip on changing the dividers!

Set record 3D Mark of 5602 at 1024/768/16.

The 3D mark scores do change but you need to run at a resolution higher than 800x600.

P3-450@580 G400Max@166/207 AGP1x 256MB@129 Abit Bx6r2

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