View Full Version : New 5.21 D Drivers????

9th September 1999, 19:08
looks like there are some new drivers out there at the FTP site....


It's weird though, there are broken up into 4 downloads??? Anybody know anything???

9th September 1999, 19:17
sigh.... these are floppy disk version drivers

P2c-300a/450, 192MB PC125 SDRAM, Quantum Fireball Plus KA 18.2GB 7200rpm, Panasonic 7502B x4/x8 Ultra SCSI CD-R, Tekram DC-390U2W Ultra2Wide SCSI controller, Diamond MX300 (Vortex2), Creative Labs AWE64 Gold Sound Blaster, A-Trend Voodoo II 12MB, Matrox Millennium G400Max, 19" Hitachi SuperScan 752 and some other fancy stuff ;)

9th September 1999, 19:19
Ohhh well... well at least we know they (matrox) are still alive and kicking...

9th September 1999, 19:20
Hehe, he got you excited didn't he MM? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


9th September 1999, 19:21
d1 d2 d3 d4 just refers do "Disk1", etc. If you notice, all 4 files are small enough to fit on a 1.44m floppy...

I do see that the date is newer, but it's probably just because they had not yet posted the broken down disks until now.

I'll ask Matrox tomorrow if there is anything actually different about the drivers...

Randy Simons
10th September 1999, 06:59
Kruzin: don't bother. I compared g200icd.dll found in the "original" 5.21 drivers and the "new" 5.21 disk-install version, both are bit-for-bit identical. (I checked with WinDiff)
I guess all other files are the same.

Randy Simons
Digital Dreams Software