View Full Version : Upgrading to PIII and G400???

9th September 1999, 05:50
I am thinking about an upgrade to my system. I am wondering which would be better a better bang for the buck???

PIII 450 & G400 DH - then overclock the heck out of them.


PIII 550 & G400 MAX - then try to overclock even higher & beyond.

Between the two upgrades there's about a $300 difference. It is worth the extra cash or will I be able to overclock the slower system up to the sppeds of the second???

It seems with all the success of overclocking the G400 and PIII, this should be easily done.

Any success stories of major over clocking and system specs would be appreciated.

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9th September 1999, 08:04
I'd upgrade processors no matter what. Both the Vanilla and Max like fast processors. But first, I'd wait a week or two. Intel announced *another* price drop, I assume as a response to AMD's Athlon, for this month.

It'll be interesting to see how far the PIII 500 drops. People, myself included, have been getting to 560 MHz fairly easily, and a 112 MHz FSB is reasonably safe.


9th September 1999, 09:58
I have the p3450 and the vanilla g400 dualhead and they both overclock like champs.
Save yourself the $300.00, but as paulcs suggested, I'd wait for the next price drop just in case the p3 500 drops down to close to where the 450 is now. 112 FSB would be less stressful on your other components. I'm running with my FSB at 124 and I'm having no problems. I would suggest using the extra 300 towards your RAM but with the prices skyrocketing I'd hold off.

9th September 1999, 11:35
And theres always the AMD athlon option as well to consider.