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7th September 1999, 20:15
hi all.. just got my g400max from matrox today(after all the frustration from mwave).

install went well.. finally figured out the dual monitor setup. here comes my problems:

1) expendable can't be run under nt *stare* anyway around this?

2) can't get techdemo to run... a message "The procedure entry point DirectDrawEnumeratedExA could not be located in the dynamic link library DDRAW.dll" appears. i have service pack 5.. any idea what the problem is?

3) my powerdesk is version 4.12 - is version 4.22 compatiable with g400? matrox said it's g100-g200 only.. but i read in some of the messages that you can use it under g400 also.. can anyone confirm this?

4) i think my bios is 1.3.4.. should i upgrade the bios?

5) on dual monitor mode.. is there anyway i can make it concentrate on just the main monitor when i hope a program that auto goes to full window(which takes up both windows)?

sorry for so many questions.. just that i am kinda upset for having so much trouble with the card after waiting for so damn long(pre-ordered it from mwave back in 6/25).

anyway.. thanx for the info in advance http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

bp6-(2)433(oc488) celerons, g400max, ibm ultra scsi 9.1g, sb-live value, hitachi ss-753 19", plextor 32x, etc, etc, etc...

7th September 1999, 20:46
1) No. Expendable requires DX6, NT only has DX3.

2) See 1)

3) I'm not sure...

4) Latest bios is 1.5

5) Multi-monitor is a little weird in NT, it's not really natively supported, so the implementation in the driver is somewhat lacking.