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7th September 1999, 10:25
Look at this post from a Mac user in this forum ! Talking about the new Gee4.

Its so gorgeously sexy, its like Ricky Martin in a computer, *drool, slobber*

I'm in love ...

or this one..
"I was glad to see that the Apple studio displays will be available in matching color.It would look funny sitting next to a blueberry monitor."

or this...
"The G4 is pure, unadulturated, on the floor and barking, SEX!"

or this one...
"A month after I purchased my iMac B the rev. C came out. I felt so put out thinking I could have had more speed and a Strawberry!! If only I had waited a month"


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Try to find the best post in this forum. There are plenty! And check out this JAR JAR creep. hope he hates Matrox.

7th September 1999, 10:38
"Whew! That is all I can say. Oh, if there are an Quake players here, I would say that with one of these babies, playing against the pentium collective should be sort of like shooting fish in a barrel.

But alas, I just purchased this 300MhZ G3 last october, so it's gonna be awhile. ( But I did get my order in for an iBook. )"

"I've been hearing repeated rumors that the new iMacs due out soon will have a 17" monitor, which would give them a distinct advantage over the original iMacs and current iMac imitators. "

"The iMac is so much more attractive than eOne, itís not even funny. They may have tried to copy the industrial design of the iMac, but they put a little too much emphasis on the industrial part. To me, the eOne looks like something that would belong in a factory, while the iMac has a much more homespun, cordial look."

"The ATI on an iMac is a built in thing, not a card in a slot. However, it is some type or species of PCI. Like a PCI card fused into the motherboard that can't be changed. It has to be PCI as the iMac uses OpenFirmware. And the Apple System Profiler calls it a PCI card-- here's a direct quote of what it says about the ATI in my rev a:
Display card
and so on.
So it is a PCI, but non-removeable"

"The rage pro is part of the mother board. It can't be upgraded on the rev c and d iMacs. I believe the rev c came with 2megs af vram so you could upgrade it to 6megs. The rev d definatley came with 6megs. The max as far as I know. As far as the rage II in the rev a and b (bondi) it can be upgraded via the mezanine slot with the microconversions card. Although they went out of business some other company supposedly bought the patents so they might hit the market again."

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7th September 1999, 11:12
I never realized that there were so many Three Fingered Smurfs out there...LOL


7th September 1999, 11:18
"The iMac is so much more attractive than eOne"

Yup. How a PC looks on my desk is always my first consideration too.



tish beta2
7th September 1999, 15:47
And as our dear friend tylau would have put it:

"iMac Gossip Looser Center"


And this one: "'course, a b&w g3 ought to have it's own table, so the case can be open, etc..."

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