View Full Version : Marvel G400 using5.3 drvs Why not G400/RR-g?

8th October 1999, 18:24
This blows! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif Have the G40032-dh and RR-G. And have been left in the dust for any of the new drivers. Now it shows that marvel can use them but my setup. WTF? Is there anyone out there that has just copied the GL portions? Or have 5.3 running in comparable setup?

8th October 1999, 19:11
New VT's will be released shortly.


8th October 1999, 20:51
Thx. Haig,
Is there any enhancements with new VT? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif I just can't wait for TGL for my halflife/counter-strike games......
Thx again,

9th October 1999, 12:57
i ran ghost and toke the plunge to the 5.30 drivers just so i could have the turbogl.

i fired up pc-vcr and i was able to view tv just fine. i did nto try to record anything..... your mileage may vary.....

10th October 1999, 07:44
I also got the 5.30 drivers to work with the rrg (I think), just TV, haven't tried to record anything. Here is the dump of my versions

Bios 1.2-20
Display driver
Matrox Powerdesk 5.30.007
DirectDraw/direct3D driver

Mark F
10th October 1999, 12:07
I beleive VT are compatible with drivers newer than 4.33, just not oficially suported. So use at your own risk, and don't call Matrox if you experience problems.

Mark F.

OH NO, my retractable cup holder swallowed a CD

Mr J
18th November 1999, 16:01
Did any of you dudes manage to get capture working with your RR-G?

I just added an RR-G to my G400 dualhead, uninstalled the drivers, downloaded and executed Windows 9x PowerDesk 5.30 and
Windows 9x Video Tools version 1.51 from Matrox's web site, but video capture and
TV tuning aren't working.

Any suggestions? Could it be because I'm using DirectX 6.2 and not 6.1?

Thanks in advance - J (in NZ)

18th November 1999, 17:03
I've been using my Max/RRG with PD5.3 and VT 1.51 under Win98SE/DX7 for weeks now with very few problems... I've watched TV, captured hours of video and edited/compressed and output back to tape...

maybe I'm misunderstanding your question?

22nd November 1999, 17:50
RBryant - the reason for my question is because I'm trying to understand what is different from my system and ones that work, so I can figure out what I've done wrong. Basically we're both using the same cards, only I cann't get mine to work and you've managed to get yours to work.

You mentioned you use DirectX7 - was this installed on your system prior to adding the cards? If not, at what step did you install it, before installing PD5.3 and VT1.51 or after?

Rgds - J