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12th July 1999, 16:52
I am running NT on a dual P3 600 (overclocked) with 512MB ram with 8 9.1gig UW Baracuda's RAIDED on an adaptec U2W controller. I currently have the old RR studio but will be getting the 400Max with the RR-g addon. My questions are
1) Is there a way to capture MJPEG files in NT as opposed to only 98.
2) How is everyone overcomming a 2gig max filesize without piecing together strips of vid.
3) Will the 400max support video editing concurrently with another videocard (currently cant)

12th July 1999, 23:30
1) I remembered reading that Matrox weren't intending to release RR-Studio drivers for NT. You do get beta support with the Marvel and the RR-G so I suppose the G400 with RR-G should work.
2)The 1/2/4GB limit is imposed by the AVI format and can't be overcome. All that you can do is to piece together AVis.
3) I haven't read much about the new Video Tools so I don't know what new features they will offer.


13th July 1999, 06:12
Hi Dude,

Just a quick addition to Salacious' comments. Overcoming the 2Gb limit depends on what you intend doing with the results. Currently we are limited to 2Gb as the maximum size of an AVI file (let's ignore 1 and 4 Gb matters for now). However, you can capture seamless video up to multiple GB using AV_IO. You can also put these onto the Ulead timeline and edit them (I don't know how many, I haven't tried pushing it). Now if you intend to push these back to VCR, you can perform your edits, fades, audio tweaking, whatever, and then use smart rendering to print out to tape. Rendering to another AVI will still be subject to a maximum output filesize of 2Gb.

Now wouldn't be neat if Ulead could take a lesson from Markus and smart render to a series of <2Gb files....

Cut ter
15th November 1999, 12:51
what do you mean when you say piecing together several avi files.
I use MSP 5.2 and run all my clips and apply al transitions necesary. When I'm done all I do is hit enter to create a preview file only rendering changes like transitions. I haven't experienced any limitation this way.
Make sure your preview settings are the same as clips IE... 704x480 Field A w/ Best
Good luck

15th November 1999, 14:19
The other way to break 2 GB limit is use OpenDML standard. Then the only limit is your filesystem (e.g. FAT32 cannot have larger file as 4 GB). On NTFS, I think, the maximal filesize is some terabytes.

The programs, which support OpenDM, are all ActiveMovie-based apps (Windows Media Player), and from the capture programs, e.g. <a href="http://www.concentric.net/~Psilon/virtualdub.html"> VirtualDub </a>.

See more <a href="http://www.concentric.net/~Psilon/video_2gb.html"> here </a>.