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29th July 1999, 16:34
I'd pre-order two g400 max 10 weeks ago.#10255 is my order.
Im very piss off with matrox
The sales staff made a lot of mistakes, first they told me they were going to send me only one card, then they told "sorry it's just an error".
they told me two diferent things, Joan Ward said a thing, and Sylvain Masuri said another thing.
And finally,they are going to send the cards to an non-existant address.
Very well Matrox!!!!!
I will never ever buy a card again from you!!
I'd been buying online for some time, and never have the problems that I had with Matrox, and I will never recomend to anyone to buy from Matrox.
I think people will suffer much less problems buying Nvidia cards or 3DFX cards,these are companies with less history, but with more interest in his customers.
IF anyone of the guys here works in Matrox, please don't reply, as allways.

29th July 1999, 17:55
Well mistakes do occur. Did matrox say sorry and offer to correct the mistake without delay plus a little freebie for compensation or did they say tougth we'll reship them with another big delay.

29th July 1999, 23:14

one more G400 for the worthy people ;-)


30th July 1999, 15:15
Matrox always saids "sorry", but I didn't heard anything about compensations,freebees, etc., and BTW, they tell me some days ago that my two cards will be shipped july 30, and today I don't receive any confirmation about it.

1st August 1999, 03:59

Do yourself a favor. In the future, don't pre-order.
Wait until the cards actually exist. When you can drive up to a store, and pick a card up off the shelf, it's time to buy.
On-line stores, and retailers get cards in relatively the same time frame.
You may not be the FIRST guy with a new card, but who cares? It's only a video card.

1st August 1999, 16:03
So this is all about freebees eh..?
SHAME ON YOU!!! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


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