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20th July 1999, 09:52
I set the clock to 183 mhz in G200clk...but when I start up windows it says 248 or something like that...I used an independent program to check the stats and it said:
HiRes Pclk 114.75 mhz SClk 248.75

What gives...am I still running at 183 mem clock or what? I saved the shortcut into my start up menu like it said.


Mattias Lindgren

20th July 1999, 10:10
Pclk has nothing to do with it. That's the Pixel clock, and is determined by the res you are running at, and the refresh rate.

Sclk is the one that you need to take notice of. Mclk and Gclk are derived from Sclk.
Sclk*(1/2)=Glck (Graphics clock)
Sclk*(2/3)=Mclk (Memory clock)

With your Sclk at 248.75, your Memory is at 165.8MHz, and Graphics is at 124.75 (assuming something hasn't messed with your dividers). That is actually a slight bit slower than others have reported (252Sclk).

What is G4set saying the dividers are at?
And what command line are you using with G200clk?

20th July 1999, 10:18
I set the command at g200clk /1 183 but somehow it didn't get saved I take it.

20th July 1999, 10:32
That is not the correct commant to use. You are underclocking it that way.

To get 180 for a memory speed, you would need to use:
g200clk /1 270
/1 xxx sets the Sclk, then follows the formula I listed above. So...

g200clk /1 270
sets the Sclk to 270
sets the Mclk to 180 (270*(2/3))
sets the Gclk to 135 (270*)1/2))

22nd July 1999, 03:28
Any recommendations on the g200clk /4 setting? I'm using 34 but can't get over g200clk /1 220 at that number
ps: would like to go to 240 or so http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif

P2-350 o/c 450, BH-6 mobo,128mb pc-100,Mill. G-200 8mb o/c 115, win98,dx6.1,PD5.13, bios 2.3

22nd July 1999, 06:22
Doesn't PD reset the clockspeed? I think
I've heard that somewhere, but I'm not sure.
If so you need to run the program under
Windows... (e.g. a shortcut in the "Start Up" folder)
I refer to this frase: "...to 183 mhz in G200clk...but when I start up windows..."