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Bill Gates
20th July 1999, 23:46
Could you guys give me a benchmark result for Quake2, Incoming, and some other game(OpenGL or Direct3D) with a Millenium G400(o/c'ed and none o/c - please note the state of overclock) or a G400 MAX if you have one?

OK. Let's be honest. I'm planning to buy a G400 MAX this August if it's out. If I'm not that lucky and if Matrox's fabs are still in the works of a MAX part, I might see later and buy a G400, 32MB frame buffer memory, and dual head.

The other question is, "How overclockable are your G400s anyway?(Please name the RAM brands and nanosecond ratings)"

BTW guys.. Sorry for my pathetic bro. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

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20th July 1999, 23:58
There are enough reviews with plenty of benchmarks. Also, enough postings here to keep you happy all day.

Keep in mind that benchmarks on one machine don't mean that that's what'll happen on another. Each of us has different configurations and will get different results (rough translation - benchmarks don't mean squat...)

Steve C
21st July 1999, 00:45
Well, not quite true about the benchmarks not meaning squat - benchmarks are perfectly valid if the benchmarks compare different cards across identically configured machines. But that doesn't mean that the benchmark results will be obtainable on another similarly specced machine.



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21st July 1999, 00:51

Come on Billy ... use the search button, please ! for a change ...


I'll be on holyday for the coming three weeks and I miss you folks already ;-)

21st July 1999, 02:58
Steve C - re: "Squat" - agreed...sorta...

I'm just getting tired of a videocard's "worthyness" being determined soley by a synthetic benchmark.

You are absolutely correct (listen to the guy!) that benchmarks are only valid if comparing identically configured machines.

Bill Gates seems to ask the same questions over and over and doesn't do any checking for the info he "needs".