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2nd July 1999, 05:56
What I have done:
Clean install of Win 98 SE
Installed PD5.13
Problem is that I cannot set my refresh rate in the advanced display properties above adapter default or optimal and have basically lost my refresh rates.If I install the 4.51 drivers I get all the refresh rates back.My monitor selection (plug + play) is the same for both sets of display drivers. It is late so maybe I am tired or just half witted.Can anyone make suggestions??


2nd July 1999, 06:38
Use a PowerDesk monitor instead of the winblows one.

Go to display properties, settings, advanced, monitor settings (not just "monitor"), and "select customizations from the Matrox list". If you can't find you monitor in there, choose a generic one. After that, you can "adjust current display mode", and set whatever refresh rate you want to use...

2nd July 1999, 07:54
The problem is that I have no "monitor settings" I have:
Color management
I have checked everywhere in the advanced settings and can find nothing!!


2nd July 1999, 08:03
Sounds like maybe you didn't get all of PD4 out of there before installing PD5

If there is any remains of the old PD (custom monitors, display schemes, anything) PD5 won't install properly...

try following Matrox's detailed un-install procedure, then re-install PD5...

2nd July 1999, 08:12
It is a fresh install of Win 98SE and PD4 has not been installed on the system at all


2nd July 1999, 08:20
Well, then I'm at a loss....possibly a problem with SE...? I'm using regular 98...

Profound Runner
2nd July 1999, 10:32

I have Win 98 SE and I am not having any trouble with the new PD5.13.

I am waiting for the new Video Tools though, I have a Rainbow Runner-G and look forward to using it again in July.

Profound Runner,
(aka Willie)

3rd July 1999, 12:29
display properties-advanced-you see no tab for monitor settings?If that's the case,obviously something is missing.Look again,ther are 2 tabs, monitor,monitor settings.Check again and get back.

3rd July 1999, 17:48
With Windows98 you MUST specify the correct Monitor Band and model, otherwise the only refresh options you will have with a plug and play monitor is Optimal or Adapter default.

Goto your Monitors web site and get the latest driver file from them. All it will be is an *.inf file.

1 other important thing to note, you must reboot for the changes to take effect, Windows doesn't tell you this, but it has to be done.

Hope that helps


3rd July 1999, 18:22
Thanks for the tips guys.
I have checked and there is only one setting for the monitor which shows the 3 options:
Monitor is energy compliant
Automatically detect Plug&Play monitors
Reset display on suspend/resume
And the change option for changing the monitor type -but no advanced monitor setting.
I have got the inf file for my monitor and changed the monitor type and rebooted - but still no option to change the refresh rate. The ironic thing is that if I change back to the 4.51 drivers all of the options return such as refresh rates and the Matrox monitor
list.It is almost as though not all of the drivers have loaded when installing PD5.13
and I can only put it down to some sort of driver incompatibility that has arisen with the new drivers and my machine as the 4.51 drivers load and work without a hitch.I have followed the remove/installation tips for PD5.13 to the tee with no luck and also reformatted and reinstalled windows so that there would be no chance of any problems - all with no luck.
Thanks for all the responses and advice - keep it coming guys because it is most certainly making this a interesting weekend


14th July 1999, 00:41
hi there MarkSW
i have the same problem as u .. no monitor settings and no refresh above 60 !!
this happens to a previously installed win95 with 4.51 uninstalled and also to a fresh install of win98 !!
the only i got to make monitor settings show up is to boot into windows with monitor turned off .. then windows detects the monitor as unkown and refresh and matrox monitor settings works ..
but starnge enough as soon as i reboot with my monitor turned on it call screw up again !!
dunno wat to do next

GigaByte 6BXE, celeron 300A@464, 128 PC100 RAM,
G200 8 M SD @112.5 core. driver 4.51, bios 2.3.