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Stewart the Rookie
2nd November 1999, 13:56
I have gotten a camera, Sony PD100A. I now need advice in three areas; Capture board, music, and lighting. 1. I have been waiting for the Matrox RT2000 or the Pinnacle DV500. Should I continue to grind my teeth and wait for vaporware, or is there another board I should look at? $1,300 is about the most I can pay for the board. 2. What music program do you guys use? Acid loops or Sonic Desktops Smartsound for Multimedia? Any other suggestions short of finding a musician? 3. I need a basic ligting setup. Any suggestions? I'm sorry if these questions are basic, but I'm new and don't want to waste my wifes hard earned money. Thanking you in advance, Stewart (The Rookie) Lewis

2nd November 1999, 18:39
Hi Stewart,

for my music setup, I use VST and Acid synced internally with Hubi's loopback utility. All the wav files are outputting thru my Gina Audio card. Never had a problem. I am using it on a P2B-F, PII 400 system.


3rd November 1999, 05:44
It's for Virtual Studio Technology.
It's based on Cubase.

3rd November 1999, 09:36
Hi Stewart,

It's what Jazz said - Cubase VST from Steinberg.

You can get more info about it from http://www.us.steinberg.net/


3rd November 1999, 13:04
Hi Stewart:

I'm on a tight budget too, so I went to a local hardware store and picked up two 1000 watt halogen construction lamps (each on a six foot adjustable stand) for $29 each and a 500 watt floor model for $9.97. Turns out several of our local photographers use the same thing in their studios - I did have to cut the heat shields off because they cast shadows, but they have a lot of room for clamping accesories onto them like gels, etc.. under $70 for a three light setup.

Hope this helps some -

P.S. just be sure to wear your shades and sun screen.

Stewart the Rookie
3rd November 1999, 16:33
Haig ..

Pardon my stupidity, whats VST...Duh