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1st July 1999, 06:50
I've spoken with some pretty reliable sources. Within the last 8 hours of this message, Matrox has announced the new ETA for the G400 Max. 09/09/1999!!!!!! If this is true... Again, if this is true, I've pretty much given up on Matrox, if it's not true, thank god. The last time this source gave me an ETA it was when I announced the change to July release date and it was dead on with what everyone else had a couple of days later.

- DJ

1st July 1999, 07:02
If this is true, then they are having some serious yeild problems. Probably very simular to 3dfx's yeild problems with the V3 3500 and the reason why the TNT2's are clocked lower than they originally thought. At least they are giving a discount to the G400 MAX pre-orders for the delay. I just hope they get the yeilds back up so I can dump my V3 for a G400 MAX before gen4 video chips hit.


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1st July 1999, 07:14
This just can't be true....can it?

1st July 1999, 09:14
Bad News. It seems my source has confirmed direct contact with Matrox that the release date is indeed 9/9/1999. This is totally rediculous and seems to be another Matrox Fiasco. I was so wanting one of these and I just got info that the Permedia3 has just been officially released at a reduced price. I think I'll start doing some research on that card...

- DJ

1st July 1999, 09:40
The Permedia3 is a huge letdown because of its pathetic gaming speed; clock speed was also supposed to be 125MHz, but it is now 110MHz.

I can't believe Matrox is delaying the G400 Max that far. Shoving it out to August was bad enough. We'll find out about the gen4 chips in August already. Anyone know if the Hercules TNT2 Ultra is available mail order yet? :-P

1st July 1999, 09:57
If the 9/9 release date is correct I will
seriously consider cancelling my order and
will wait for the nv10 or other next
generation chip.Come on Matrox..tell us
you're on schedule.

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1st July 1999, 09:57
If they did indeed delay the G400 Max until 9/9/1999 then I will cancel my order. I will call them myself and find out.


1st July 1999, 11:10
On an interesting side note: I just spoke to the Hercules tech support, and they said that if you want a Dynamite 32MB TNT2 Ultra you would have to order it today and it wouldn't be delivered for probably 4 weeks!!! I was going to say that I am a waning customer that will be pushed over the edge to buy a TNT2 card if the Matrox rumor is true, but now I just don't know. Should I preorder an Ultra at the premium price, or wait around on Matrox to stop twidling their thumbs.

BTW, the tech guy said there is NO problem with chip yield, just a HUGE demand for the card. (grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)


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1st July 1999, 11:16
Dave, I'm sure it's not necessary to ask this, but please give us a post when you hear from Matrox. I've sent them an e-mail with a clip from the e-mail Ant posted about the large batch reserved for the preorder customers. Hopefully we'll both get good news! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

1st July 1999, 11:35
Arghh on the Hercules TNT2 Ultra! Anyone not want their G400Max preorder from the first batch? :-)

1st July 1999, 12:17
At this point this is nothing more than rumour. Matrox have not announced any specific shipping dates and have not announced a delay. They have announced that the first batch of MAXs are almost ready to ship to those that pre-ordered from the online store. I'll contact Matrox and find out if there is any truth to this rumour.

1st July 1999, 12:28
kenyee, I don't know about the rest of the crew here, but I can't think of anything right now that would make me give up the MAX if it ships next week with the first batch!

Sorry! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

1st July 1999, 13:15
Thanks for looking into it, Ant. Casually ask them what the percentage yield of G400Max vs. plain G400 is ;-)
It is a rumor, but w/ BuyNow confirming it, it's a pretty strong one and very damaging to Matrox if it is true...

1st July 1999, 15:00
Their stock page still says July 7.

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1st July 1999, 17:03
I don't see why everyone is complaining about the silly release date. It's just a video card! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Personally I'm getting the regular G400, which will prolly be out sooner, at a lower price, which makes sense for my wallet AND my 17" monitor.

Have absolutely no clue why those of you with 17" monitors (who don't plan on upgrading) are even considering the MAX in the first place. The performance differences are NOT all that great..


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1st July 1999, 20:26
kenyee: poor gaming from the Permedia3? Since it was designed principally for design apps that isn't suprising.

surferpop: might be waiting awhile for nv10 since TNT2 Ultras are just hitting market in large numbers.

Helvetia: I agree. IF that is the release date it would be better to cancel the order and wait for the lower prices when it finally hits the streets.

neo: Hercules had the same problem with their Dynamite TNT card.

OrangeJulius: there is a lot of truth in that but it makes one less step in the future upgrading path that goes on forever http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

The 16M is even more economical http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

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1st July 1999, 23:05
Ant - I believe what Matrox actually said in their email to some pre-orders placed before June 11th (although not to me!!!) was that the "large" batch of G400MAX's were "entering the testing phase". Tests can fail.

Having said that, I agree that this is currently only a rumour, and that we should try to remain calm. Who knows, they may just be talking about retailer availability, due to high demand.

I'd be grateful for any confirmation of the order situation, as it would play havoc with my company's accounting (I'm an indie consultant)!


2nd July 1999, 05:06
You know whats werid about this whole thing is that 9/9/99 is one of Y2K dates that you dont hear about often. the number 999 is a termanting code for certain programs from what I understand. What i don't understand is why would the G400, would be shipping late. the 16MB non-dual head is out there somewhere and I don't see why adding dual-head and another 16MB of RAM would make the manufactinging of the card so much more diffcut then it stands now..


2nd July 1999, 06:03
I also Phoned the Big M and the on-line store. They had no information concerning the retail release. They stated that the delivery would be 1.5-2 weeks on the 16/32 G400 and the end of July beginning of August for the MAX. Im pullin my card out for the 32meg G400........

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2nd July 1999, 09:11
I gave in. I just ordered a G400 32MB Dual Head OEM card... I should have it tommorrow.

OH Well, better then nothing.

- DJ

2nd July 1999, 09:40
hehe, Couldn't resist eh? I'm gonna try and hold out until the end of July and see if they hold up to there claim and then I'll go from there.


2nd July 1999, 13:53

Where did you order your g400 32mb dual head from? Most places I've called either have the 32mb single head or the 16mb single head, no dual heads at all - enlighten me please! I wanna order one!

Also let us know if you actually got it in your hands tomorrow or not.

- Gurm

2nd July 1999, 16:41
Here's what my source has "confirmed" for me, Stating this came directly from Matrox. The G400 Max AND the G400 are now slated for 9/9/1999. This does NOT include Matrox's pre-order program prior to June 2, or whatever the date was... They also state that this is the case for all Internet based distributors and in no way could comment on popular retail stores like Compusa or Fry's Electronics. These dates could change, but it seems the only Rumour (Although a dangerous one) that I've heard is that the G400 Max in it's current form is vaporware, and we may (remember this is a rumour) get something in between the G400 and G400 Max performance wize when they are officially released. The reasoning behind that rumour comes from another one that basically states Matrox isn't able to get anywhere close to the yield or even stability with the current yield needed to mass produce the G400 Max.

PLEASE, note these are RUMOURS. I personally have no belief in them. The only thing I believe is the new release date which I was told came from Matrox. The fact that I haven't personally discussed this with Matrox makes it a Rumour as well. I hope we get our cards soon, because everything else on the market sucks right now as far as I'm concerned...

- DJ

4th July 1999, 19:26
Anyone know anybody that works at a Matrox manufacturing factory? Also does Matrox manufacture all the parts they use? Maybe a line somewhere didn't connect, missed shippings of components, etc.

4th July 1999, 21:47
Hey Guys - go for the normal G400, download the latest Pstrip and stick a fan on that babay, and Bob's your uncle! You (nearly) have a MAX!!

It's Only A Graphics Card!
(But a damn good 'un!)

4th July 1999, 22:00
Ahhh, but how far can you overclock a MAX...? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

Bill Gates
4th July 1999, 22:11
Yes.. This is pathetic.
OK - research on the Neon250 coming right up.

5th July 1999, 03:58
I hate to tell you but Buy.com just confirmed the September relase date! I've include my Buy.com request and their answer below so that no-one thinks I'm perpetuating a rumor - needless to say I've canceled my Back order.

"I just placed an order earlier today for the Matrox Millenium G400MAX but have now been informed that the card may not be available till 9/9/1999! Is this true? If so, then I will have to cancel my order and order another card from you in the meantime. I cannot wait till September for a card I thought would be available at the end of this month. Please let me know if the 9/9 release date is official and I'll cancel my order and re-place an order with you for a different card. Thanks.


The product will be available to ship early September. We cannot guarantee that we will have the product in stock. This is the ETA given to us by the manufacturer.Thank you for choosing BUY.COM"

5th July 1999, 05:14
I don't know about the retail ship dates for the MAX but I just called Matrox today to inquire about my pre-order which was ordered on June 21st. I am told the pre-orders are being shipped out in the order they were recieved and that orders after June 11th would ship by the end of July.

Man this is hard on me http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif I want the MAX both for the 360mhz ramdac and the extra performance but meanwhile a local store has a retail G400 for $189 I could pick up today.

5th July 1999, 07:08

I'm receiving Tuesday now, because the idiots sent it business overnight instead of priority overnight. If you order make sure you know your Fed Exs and UPS shipping info.

The have both single and dual head 32MB.

Anyone got an overclocking utility for the G400?

- DJ