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3rd July 1999, 15:12
Okay, before I say anything, here's what I did to prepare for the new drivers:

Uninstalled PD4.51

Reverted to VGA

Went to safe mode and deleted all MGA*.* and g200*.* drivers (in the system directory)

Deleted all references to Matrox in the registry.

(Did I forget anything?)

Anyways, here's what I get after installing PD5.13:

More often than not, when I open a new program, the program will freeze, and all other apps will cease to be updated. Bringing up the task manager allows me to kill the offending program, but, for obvious reasons, this is not acceptable. This doesn't seem to happen to minimized programs, and I suspect that's because they don't need to be drawn on the screen. Anyone have any ideas? Has anyone experienced this before?

I had to revert to PD4.51, but I would really, really like to get PD5.13 working.


Win95b, VIA chipset

3rd July 1999, 16:28
Billko, my only suggestion would be to go to the VIA website and download all their latest drivers and install them (if you haven't already). Here is a link to their driver website...


I hope this helps!

3rd July 1999, 16:33
Billko, I forgot to mention...also, make sure you have Microsoft Directx 6.1 installed. You can download it from this site...


Thanks again http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

4th July 1999, 03:16
Thanks for replying, FLswimmer. Unfortunately, I have DX 6.1 and all the latest VIA drivers (I checked the site just now to make sure). I wish it was that simple.

Again, thanks for replying! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


4th July 1999, 14:45
I was getting lock-ups with Netscape and video benchmarks after installing 5.13 on my Via based system (and following procedure for uninstalling 4.51). After changing the registry settings to disable AGP 2X, everything has run fine. Might just be my setup though.

4th July 1999, 16:16
I'm using Win95b and a VIA MPV3 chipset (on my AOpen AX59Pro motherboard). I've also got the lastest VIA drivers and DirectX 6.1 installed. Here's how I installed the PD 5.13 software:

[1] I uninstalled PD 4.51, choosing "complete" uninstallation.

[2] Reboot

[3] When desktop is displayed, installed PD 5.13 software (along with updated drivers).

It works great, with no problems.

Framerates seem slightly enhanced, and I'm going to run some benchmarks to be sure ... Only downside is that I had to recustomize all my monitor settings, as my monitor is not supported by Matrox.


- David

Mystique G200 - BIOS version 2.2 - Driver v. - PowerDesk v. 5.13.020