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2nd July 1999, 09:20
I followed the uninstall instructions, removed the traces of the old matrox drivers, but when I installed the latest ones my system no longer boots to windows, instead it hangs just before, or gives me a windows protection error and a forced reboot.
Having tried to uninstall the PD5 drivers and reinstall my previously working ones, I found I got the same problem, also with the original ones from the g200 CD I have.

Basically, since trying to install PD5 I lost all video usage of my g200 besides for VGA mode, in the end I reinstalled win95 as that was the only option left to restore some kind of functionality.

I have a PII-400, 256Mb Ram, SBLive, MGA Millenium G200 with 8 Mb SDRam (AGP).

any ideas on how to get PD5 drivers to run?
all the version up til now have gone fine.

thanks in advance

2nd July 1999, 11:05
Your not alone. I'm having similar problems and am back to PD4.51 again.

I've followed Matrox's uninstall procedures and even wiped out all traces of MOC, MYSTCLK and any overclocking utilities that I have used in the past. I've also reflashed the BIOS with 2.3 several times.

After I install the 5.13 drivers and reboot I get the following error message:

There is a problem with your display settings. The adapter type is incorrect, or current settings do not work with your hardware.

It then opens the settings page for the display properties and shows the following info:

DAC: internal
CURRENT FILE: G200.drv,*vdd, *vflatd,G200.vxz

I have tried to reload 5.13, tried to update the driver in Device Manager, tried to change the adapter in the display properties and nothing works. It just stays at 640x460 and 16 colors.

And also suspecting a bad file download I have tried installing from the .exe, .zip and the four individual disks. I've downloaded the files to my Zip drive as well as my hard drive and both at work and at home.

crusader_si, the only way to reinstall an older driver is to follow the uninstall procedures and be sure you are in STD VGA mode. Otherwise I get an error saying the driver does not support the current display adapter.


2nd July 1999, 11:15
There might be several paths to go, this is one you should try.

Assuming your currant setup runs fine, make a fresh backup directory and copy the following files from windows/system dir.
and all g200xx files.

If you´ve downloaded the PD5 exe-file just doubleclick to unzip it to c:\mgafold but don´t run the setup.

Shut down to DOS, from c:\mgafold copy the g200xx files and vgartd.vxd to your windows\system folder.

Start windows, uninstall the old Powerdesk and run the new setup.

If things continue to screw up, just boot to DOS and replace with your backed-up files, (remember to take out the write protection on system.dat and user.dat in order to overwrite these) and in Windows reinstall the old Powerdesk.

This way you´re easily back to where you were, with your old registry intact.


3rd July 1999, 00:51
I tried your suggestion rubank, but I got the now expected windows protection error as soon as I rebooted into windows after copying the files from c:\mgafold (had to decompress them files using winzip first, though).

after that, it was back to good ole vga mode, I restored the backup and after complaining that my settings were wrong, it worked as previous.

This doesn't solve the problem with the latest drivers though. I'm back to PD4.51 (bios 2.3).

any more ideas?

thanks in advance.

3rd July 1999, 01:02
Hey crusader_si,

Does your system give you the same errors and info for the card on the Display Properties settings page that I posted???


Karl Parsons
3rd July 1999, 03:37
I got the same problems. Read my comments in the gaming section.

Karl Parsons
3rd July 1999, 03:37
I got the same problems. Read my comments in the gaming section.

3rd July 1999, 07:20
I've tried a few more things to no avail.

I reflashed the BIOS back to 1.6 and tried to reinstall, I tried to install in safe mode, I tried to only remove the Power Desk and 5.13 still doesn't recognize my card correctly.


3rd July 1999, 07:32

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3rd July 1999, 08:04

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3rd July 1999, 08:55
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3rd July 1999, 11:10
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3rd July 1999, 12:10
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3rd July 1999, 12:44
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3rd July 1999, 16:30
ALBPM: yeah, I get the same error messages.

I guess we have to wait with 4.51 for now, and hope Matrox sort the problems.

3rd July 1999, 17:50
What motherboard do you have? What settings do you have in BIOS that could possibly affect your video card.

Format c: /u is a pretty quick way to resolve problems with windows and the registry. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

3rd July 1999, 18:24
I just spent the last two hours figuring this out, and I think it is the same problem...

I just got a new celery 466, and thought I did something to my marvel, but it turns out that you must use the Matrox monitor profile and not a windows one.

So try to load a profile from the list, if your monitor is there, great, if not then use a standard one at the top of the list. You can customize the refresh and stuff after that.


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3rd July 1999, 23:49
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4th July 1999, 03:32
Yahooooooooo---- I got installed finally.

First, I tried blur's suggestion and got a fresh .ini file for my monitor. But after another attempt it still showed that I had a 2MB card.

Second, I did a reinstall of DX6.1 off of the Star Wars Racer CD, just happened to be handy. I then reinstalled 5.13. Upon rebooting I got the same error - "The adapter type is incorrect, or current settings do not work with your hardware." Also it still showed that I had a 2MB card. BUMMER....

So I did a reinstall of 5.13 over the existing install, checking the box to load defalt settings over the current ones. Upon rebooting I got the same error. So I went to the advanced display settings and changed the adapter refering back to the 5.13 install directory. This time when it rebooted I noticed the Quickdesk icon in the task bar. Man, was that look good to see again.

So for me a reinstall of DX6.1 seemed to do the trick.

Thanks everyone, for your support and encouragement. You guys kept me going


4th July 1999, 03:40
Way to go Paul!!!

Joel http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

4th July 1999, 03:50
Finally some good news Paul. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

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4th July 1999, 10:23
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The new driver is great but it was a shortlived experience on my system. The first time I rebooted I got the same adapter type error. I was able to change the adapter in the display properties and get it back again. But after the second reboot it required me to do the 5.13 install all over again.
This is very strange the 5.13 drivers don't seem to support my G200. They keep showing it as a 2MB card and require me to change the adapter again before the drivers will work. And this is only good for two reboots.

Here's what I see after installing the 5.13 drivers and rebooting.


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4th July 1999, 13:07
Gotta be honest here, I haven't had any troubles with them at all! I didn't even read the "how-to" and I got 'em to work straight off, I must just be too good for yaz all http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif hehe, nah, I did the uninstall 4.51 and setup as a standard PCI VGA Adapter, rebooted, installed the new drivers, rebooted, got some flakey lines flickering on the screen and texture corruptions, rebooted once, rebooted twice, and viola, working drivers http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

On a different subject, I bought myself a new monitor, and, found a flaw in the Voodoo3's claims. Voodoo3 cannot do the 160Hz refresh rate that it claims. The PnP default refresh for my monitor at 640x480 is 160Hz, but you should see the display go apeshit! It does some funky dance resizing itself from the top down, really wierd! 1280x1024 @89Hz, mmmmmmm, heaven http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif does 1600x1200 @79Hz too!

4th July 1999, 16:40

It was the chickens, wasn't it! I knew it! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Glad to see you got it working http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif