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3rd July 1999, 11:45
Does anyone out there have a workaround for getting Quicktime 16bit (not the 32bit or 4.0 versions - they work fine) to work with either the 4.51 or 5.13 G200 drivers? Matrox has been aware for many months that running ANY Quicktime 16bit based program would immediately cause the Windows 95/98 Blue Screen of death. I thought Matrox would fix this problem with their 5.13 drivers. But, of course, they haven't. And please don't respond to this message with something like, "Just stop using QuickTime 16bit"...that's not an option!! We are forced to continue using the 4.33C drivers (they work with QT 16bit) until Matrox sees fit to fix this HUGE bug. Anyone out there have a workaround until they do? Thanks!

3rd July 1999, 12:10
No solution but if its any consolation this problem is not peculiar to the G200 but common with most of the more recent video cards.

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3rd July 1999, 14:50
This is a QT bug. They are hooking themselves onto the display drivers which they shouldn't be. They do know about it but doesn't look like they will fix it.

Most of the other graphic video cards all have the same problem with QT 16 bit and their 32 bit display drivers.


3rd July 1999, 15:58
Thanks for the replies, but I don't think you are correct. A friend of mine has a TNT2 Ultra and QuickTime 16bit and 32bit work perfectly for him. Another friend has a Voodoo 3000 card and again, QuickTime 16Bit and 32Bit works perfectly for him too. I could list other (new) graphics cards that other friends have and they aren't having any problems either. This is a MATROX driver bug. The proof that it is a solveable bug is that rev 4.33C Matrox display driver works perfectly with QT 16bit, but both 4.51 and 5.13 both bomb when running ANY QT 16bit program. Like I said before HAIG, we have NEVER had any problems with QT 32 bit, it is ONLY QT 16 bit. Ron and Haig, you neglected to say SPECIFICALLY which recent video cards you know of that have this problem? The G200 is the only one I know of that has the problem, and only with either rev 4.51 or rev 5.13 of the display driver. Like I said, version 4.33C has no problems with any version of QuickTime, so that kinda proves to me that it is a MATROX driver issue and it IS solveable. Again, please list SPECIFICALLY by name which other video cards you know of that are doing this with QT 16 bit. BTW, to even consider releasing rev 5.13 without an uninstall utility was ridiculous. Sounds like Matrox was trying to rush 5.13 out the door because of all the complaints of no OpenGL support. A couple of years ago, Matrox drivers used to be second to none. That's definitely not the case anymore. Our company has bought only Matrox video cards for the past 7 years but we are now forced to give another vendor a try.

4th July 1999, 12:39
It's ANY video card with pure 32bit display drivers.

The only one I've personally tried are 3 different cards from ATI with their latest display drivers which ARE 32 bit. Same problem.

PS: The reason why it works with 4.33 is because those drivers are 16 bit.

Have you bothered asking Apple about this?