View Full Version : Virtual G400 Max...the wave of the future!!!

3rd July 1999, 06:00
It's good to know that Matrox is making money on their new card, or better yet my credit card. I do wish that I was paying for something other than "the intent to hope for the greatest most nonexistent soon to be released card". Has anyone seen the movie preview for Sprite...where they are discussing a new Slug movie...I think that is how Matrox is now opperating..."yeah..we can bang out a script by friday" Matrox's new logo should be Image is nothing, and so is the product.

3rd July 1999, 08:49
Exactly why I keep telling people not to pre-order. Order it when you know it's shipping, pre-order and expect a wait.

3rd July 1999, 08:56
You sure Ant? Matrox says that the first batch of G400 MAXs should be shipping to those people that pre-ordered before June something around next week right? I wish I was one of those people. I really thought that they could get it out by 6/18 so I decided not to pre-order because it was more expensive ordering from Matrox. Sigh...

3rd July 1999, 11:06
I ordered a regular G400 32MB dual head retail last Tuesday, July 1st, are those shipping? I see a lot of people reporting the 16 MB version is out. I figure the card should get here by the end of the month.

4th July 1999, 16:41
G400 sngle head 32meg cards are out and in stock in Vancouver, B.C. $235.00 and they have lots of stock! I'm still going to wait till mid July for the Max. I hate waiting....

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4th July 1999, 16:55
Hmm.. I wouldn't be so thrilled of those rev001 MAXes that you pre-orderers will be getting. Remember that those are pushed out in a hurry and they are first ones out the lane..


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