View Full Version : G400 MAX delayed to 9/9 for retailers?Is that TRUE???I hear a TNT 2 Ultra calling...

3rd July 1999, 19:43
If so(shipping date postponed from 6/18 to 9/9)ill cancell my pre-order...Thats unfair from Matrox,i hope its just a rumor...Im really ANGRY.

3rd July 1999, 23:42
I am a little irritated too. I've promised my current video setup (an original Millenium and 12 meg Voodoo2 card) to my brother when I replace it with a G400 MAX (pre-ordered 6/27). If it is 9/9 for delivery, I will cancel. The site I ordered from says its shipping 7/7. I have heard that G400 32meg regulars are out or very close (so are OEMs). If they are out next week and it is true about the 9/9 date, I will cancel and get a vanilla G400. If neither is out next week (G400 or MAX), I may be forced to buy a TNT2 card. Not something I wanted to do since I wanted to hook up a Rainbow Runner to my new G400. *sigh*