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3rd July 1999, 20:05
posted 07-03-99 01:55 PM CT (US)
I had pre-ordered my G400 Max from a local distributor in Hong Kong at the end of May. I contacted my distributor and asked him about the G400 Max and this is what he had to say.

Dear Mr Mahtani,

Matrox last night ha advised us that due to the shortage of SGRAM overall, they have put a stop on all DualHaed effective immediately.
That means there is no Dual Head shipment for most of July including MAX.

The exact impact is not easy to assess. However, this is the latest news from their meetings in Montreal.
We are following up the development clsoely and you are asured that you will receive the MAX among our first batch.

The MAX available for the US online order is not yet available. Anyhow they say only a small number of boards are allocated for this channel as a gesture.

Thanks you for for enquiry.


H. Kan Lau
Quasar Technologies Limited

So this means that Matrox has another problem that they have to solve. Yet another delay?

Manoj Mahtani