View Full Version : EVERYONE....Please send this in an emil to: graphics.sales@matrox.com

3rd July 1999, 17:04
When will Matrox G400 Max store orders received after 6/11 ship?
When will retail outlets begin receiving them?
How many backorders do you currently have from retailers?
How many boards will you be manufacturing per month?
Any company worth its salt should have this information and as a courtesy to your loyal customers (and in an effort to keep them that way) you should be relaying this information. I don't know what you have in the way of a PR department, but I think you will find that the best way to gain loyalty (and hence, the upper hand in the highly competetive 3d graphic industry) is to be forthright and honest with your customers. It would certainly be a refreshing change and probably gain you some new ground from former Nvidia and 3dfx customers who are certanly not used to honesty and forthright-ness from those companies.
p.s. I am not only posting this request here, but am sending it in an email to Matrox directly. Given my past experience with sending emails to Matrox, I am not very optimistic about my chances of receiving a reply (or having an impact by my plea), but we can only hope . . .