View Full Version : Does anyone have news about when the MAX is shipping...?

2nd July 1999, 20:42
For the ones who have preorder it before 06/11?


3rd July 1999, 01:32
I received an e-mail from Matrox yesterday, stating that shipments would begin next week. Earliest orders would be filled from the initial production run. My order was recorded on 6/2, so I'm hoping that I make the first cut. I think the problem is that there is such a large initial demand for these cards. The delay in shipping dates probably refers to retail and appears to not be due to any unanticipated production issues other than demand. Note that the e-mail also stated that orders placed prior to 6/11 are still still scheduled to be shipped before the end of July. I think Matrox is simply taking care of all the preorders before actually shipping the card in bulk to both OEMs and retailers. And that, to me, is a good thing...

3rd July 1999, 14:51
What about shipping to retailers? I've got a fairly reliable place staked out, (Up here in canada... yea!) that's usually amoung the first around to get it. Ideas?

I don't mind waiting for the G400... even as late as 9/9. I just want to know how long I'm waiting.