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30th June 1999, 10:28
Well, there will be a lot of people installing PD5 tonight, so I thought I'd save the time, cause the question will come up sooner or later http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

To install PD5, all remmenants of the old drivers need to be gone. You cannot just install PD5 directly over PD4.

Step1: Uninstall PD4.x with the uninstall option, or through the control panel's add/remove programs.

Step2: Switch to a standard VGA video driver.

Step3: Reboot into Windows safe mode. Delete ALL MGA*.*, and G200*.* from your windows\system folder.

Step4: (if you are comfortable doing this) Run Regedit, and get rid of any Matrox, MGA and G200 references you can find.

Step5: Reboot into normal mode, and run the driver's setup program.

Step6: Have a party, cause you've finally got workin OGL!!

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30th June 1999, 10:32
oh shit now im realy sorry i gave my g200 to my brother inlaw. he dosn't know any thing about computers other than how to turn them on. (hes lucky they dont crash if he looks at them too long.)

I spend way too much time and money on my 3 systems, and I can't spell worth a dam either :o


30th June 1999, 10:37
And LISTEN to Kruzin! I don't want anyone coming with probs with PD5 if they haven't tried the steps above! OK? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

No, seriously, we've found that this needs to be done if you want it to run as trouble free (is that possible?) as possible.

It's Only A Graphics Card!
(But a damn good 'un!)

30th June 1999, 11:29
I'll go along with Steve...

I'm not one of the BB's, but I had my problems !! So I added some to the above 'manual' for your happiness... http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Just copy the 'manual' by Kruzin and print it out !!

My PD5.13.020 is working fine now !! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

The real test is for tomorrow afternoon... I'll let you know !


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30th June 1999, 12:49
Excellent advice, your warning has been added to the driver download notes with a link to the Matrox uninstall procedure in the FAQ section.


Credit where credit is due. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

30th June 1999, 13:49
I am still on bios 1.6 do I have to update the bios to install these new drivers.

Also, if I do NOT use the OpenGL ICD is their any advantage to upgrading to these new drivers?


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30th June 1999, 14:03
You should update your bios. There have been several releases since 1.6.

If you don't use OGL, the biggest reason would be to get Powerdesk5. It's totally re-done, and re-integrated with the windows display properties. Very spiffy. There have also been reports of increased D3D benchmarks (but not as improved as OGL).

30th June 1999, 14:06
PD5 has a nice Monitor Settings page that lets you interactively create custom monitor files. It also has an improved TV-Out page.

AFAIK the OGL ICD is not an optional installation if it finds the necessary installed files. It's integrated into PD5.

I agree totally with the above listed installation guide but would add one thing:

If you're uncomfortable playing with regedit try running Microsofts RegClean to get the cobwebs out of the registry. It may not clean 'em all but it's better than nothing.

I did this during the beta and had very few problems with the later builds.

Dr. Mordrid

30th June 1999, 15:24

I'm still running Bios version 1.2 on my Marvel without any problems, what are the advantages ? (the PD5 didn't require bios update)

Best Regards,

30th June 1999, 16:02
Wouldn't it be almost be easier to do a full re-install of windows??? http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

30th June 1999, 16:50
Well for the first time I'm having problems.
I can't get Power Desk to install. I tried the .exe file and it will only copy files for maybe a second and then want to finish. The .zip file wants disk1????? And I tried the four separate disk files and all they do is copy files and then go to the Finish window.
I have worked through the Matrox driver uninstall routine numerous times and nothing seems to work http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif


30th June 1999, 17:02

I was concerned about the same thing, but thats all that happens. Just click finish and continue on your merry way http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


30th June 1999, 17:48
Well I'm up and running with the new PD.

Kruzin, may I make a suggestion for slightly modifying Step 4 in the install instructions. Add something along the lines of any Matrox, MGA, and G200 references that *belong* to a Matrox key or is definitely a Matrox driver filename. Or just to be particularly careful just what is being deleted. I almost deleted some Matrox Overclock references before I slowed down a bit. I also found two games that had entries stating I had a G200 and found a driver filename with MGA in the middle (IMGA something or other) that I'm pretty sure doesn't belong to Matrox.


30th June 1999, 18:43
Woohoo!!! new drivers!

And oops... did I forget something?
...install notes, didn't notice them before
I just uninstalled the previous powerdesk and installed the PD5.13 . Everything seems to work just fine though.

1st July 1999, 00:35
I still can't get it installed. I went back to PD4.33 and that installed just fine(couldn't find my 4.51 file).

Went back through the uninstall procedure, tried to install 5.13 and nothing. It copies a few files to my Registry but dosen't install power desk. Also under general tab in display properties it says I have only 2MB memory on the G200.


1st July 1999, 00:53
Paul - you sure your BIOS is OK? Flash it with the latest one available (whatever that maybe now...) and try again.

It's Only A Graphics Card!
(But a damn good 'un!)

1st July 1999, 01:07
ARGH. Last night I all excitedly reboot the server into NT, dl the new drivers and attempt to install them. Got that now well known error and gave up figuring someone smarted than me would post a fix for it http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Someone did. Now I gotta sit here at work ALL DAY before I can try this out and hopefully be able to give ya'll some NT benchmarks runnign OpenGL (Mainly Lightwave, SOftimage and Half-Life http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif


Way more computing power than is needed to browse the web

1st July 1999, 01:36
Paul that does sound like a bad bios.

1st July 1999, 01:56
I'm using Bios 2.3, however I have edited my pins for overclocking(changed #31 to 100). Would that have any effect on loading PD5???

I'm at work now so will re-flash when I get home.


1st July 1999, 06:05
Yep a screwed pins file, I had that too once. My pins contained two extra zeros. After I deleted those everything was fine again.

1st July 1999, 07:18
So, if my Bios is bad how come I can re-install both 4.33 and 4.51 without any problems.

The network guys at work have four NT systems stuck in VGA mode right now. All have updated Bios and are asking for disk 2 when trying to update from the VGA adaptor. Even with the fix for the Setup.ini file which I tried while trying to help them. I guess they'll go back to PD4.07 again.

What's going on with these drivers?????????


1st July 1999, 08:09

I know this is a stupid question, but did you click on the 'Advanced" button under Display Properties, settings? Now that I'm re-reading your posts, I noticed that you said "General" tab in Display Properties. I assume this is under "advanced". When I click on Advanced now, I see Powerdesk integrated into Display Properties. I know, I know, dumb questions, but I didn't see you mention it.


1st July 1999, 08:10
SHIT!! I'm going to get a Banshee...LOL


1st July 1999, 08:14
Ya Hele, I did that. That's the only way to check or change the Display Adaptor.


1st July 1999, 08:59
Guess what guys,

I ran into alot of problems since yesterday... http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif

Upon install all worked A-OK... but at this moment the only 2 games I get working are TR3 & Rollercoaster Tycoon.

HL, Q2, HL, Unreal, NFS:HS, Incoming, Carmageddon 2, Simcity 3000 and a whole lot of others either refuse to work (with the error "3DSetup Error (#4) Could not get 'Name' registry value" ... I play most in D3D, haven't even touched the OGL version yet, for I can't start the games... http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif

Windows98 is now showing black boxes on screen after I close a properties box, and I can't get rid of them with a refresh.
Also, when I open display properties, that box goes fuzzy, with interference lines... http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif
I set the refresh-rate to optimal, for the other options made my screen go all fuzzy wuzzy !!

Okay, so I did a reinstall of most games, got the same results, and am now so far that I'll do a reinstall of Win98 tomorrow !!

It must be that number 13 in the drivers version !!

Jorden, not happy with PD5.13 !! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

1st July 1999, 09:45
This seems to be the most popular thread so I thought I'd post here, just one question though. I've another problem posted on the BSOD thread please help! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif
As for the question, here it is:
Anyone else getting a freeze when trying to restart/shutdown?
If so/not, anyone know how to help?

1st July 1999, 09:48
Guys, don't be too quick to condemn PD5.13. Everything is working great for me first try. Trust me, if anyone can screw up an install it's me. Just keep trying. I know you'll get it soon!

I just have the feeling Matrox got it right this time!

Aopen AX6BC,PII333 oc'd 416,128MB,G200 16MB SGRAM,Voodoo2 12MB,SB Live Value, "The Card Cooler" etc...

that guy
1st July 1999, 09:54
Jorden, if you look at the thread I started under "great job guys" you'll see that these are the exact same (and some worse) problems that I'm having. At least I know it isn't just me. The drivers seem fine at lower resolutions and bit depths, but can't handle it when they're pushed by high res/bpp combinations.

1st July 1999, 10:01
I uninstalled 4.33 and installed the PD5 no problems at all with Quake 2 running like a charm.

Here's a tip reinstall PD5 but when it asks you "do you want to use existing configuration" say NO.

Also when it asks you to resuse the existing monitor files say no to that aswell.

The reason for that is everything will be set to default and things should work for you.

Cheers and good luck PD5 rocks..!!!

that guy
1st July 1999, 10:39
I did. It doesn't.

1st July 1999, 11:26
My installations don't ask all those questions. I get the option to put a check in one box, it copies files for an instant then is finished.


1st July 1999, 11:40
Hey guys,

I know, I know, I said that I wasn't going to be here for a while, but I had some problems installing the PD5 drivers. I have fixed all of the problems so far, so I thought that I would stop by and see if anyone needed some help. It seems I was right to do so.

Now I don't know if this will help any of you, but is sure did help me. Follow the steps that Kruzin has laid out to a "T". Add this in however: If you are using MOC, or had been using MOC with the G200 prior to install of the PD5 drivers, try this. Unistall it completely. Then, go into the registry and find anything that has MOC as the heading. Delete it all, including the header. Then, re-install PD5 as per previous instructions and presto (I hope). http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

Oh, one other thing. Don't bother looking for the Matrox Properties display in the control panel, it just ain't there. You can access everthing you need from Display Properties in the contol panel by going to "Advanced" in the setup tab.

Hope this helps!


P.S. Paul, make sure that when you unistall PD5 again, to take the same steps you did uninstalling PD4. I know you probably have, just thought I'd check.

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cpt puget
1st July 1999, 11:56
after uninstalling 4.51 and moc i couldnt seem to get all of the old driver off my system. tried kruzin's tips in safe mode, registry, no go. finally deleted, formatted c drive, reinstalled w98 and it runs like a top. kind of a lot of hoops to jump thru to get new video drivers, but id been waiting quite a while for them so i figured WTF. actually spent more time trying to get rid of all of 4.51 than totally redoing c drive anyway. in closing if you are having lots of trouble you might consider this as an option.

1st July 1999, 13:24
Hey Guys and Gals,

Because it seems that so many are having problems with this version I thought I would give it a try myself. I first uninstalled my G400 drivers followin Kruzin's instructions, except I substituted G400 for G200, reseting the system back to standard VGA. At that point I shut down the system, removed the G400 and installed the G200. Upon boot up the system indicated that it detected a standard VGA PCI video card. I allowed it to load the Windows default drivers for it and then allowed it to restart. I then reinstalled the 4.51 drivers. Everything work as it did before. I then again followed Kruzin's instruction to the letter removing anything from the hard drive or the registry that started with the following: Matrox, MGA, G200. Rebooted and then ran the setup for the 5.13 drivers. Reconfigured my monitor settings and turned VSync off. The machine is running fine and in my Q2 timedemo benchmarks I have seen increases as high as 32.65%. I will agree with Cmag, make sure you have no overclockers running until after getting the drivers setup. Good luck.

Joel http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

1st July 1999, 13:29
I'm screwed right?

I know Video Tools doesn't work with the new drivers. I haven't found it clearly stated anywhere, so I ask: Does this mean I can't use any other video editing stuff either(Ulead/Vid Cap, etc)?

I'm one of those guys who needs their OGL for Tribes, but needs video editing capabilities a lot more. Oh well...

1st July 1999, 14:36
Well I've had enough fun. I'm finally back to the 4.51 drivers. I'm not going to reformat just for this. Don't understand why I can load any of the old drivers but not the new one. Enough time wasted.


that guy
1st July 1999, 14:54
What resolution are you running your desktop at joel?

1st July 1999, 15:41
Finally, a set of graphics drivers for the hardcore PC generation! I recall the last time a graphics card had me wrestle with its drivers: it was an s3 ViRGE waaaaay back in 1996! Personally I don't mind much ;->
By the way, I'm using Powerstrip to o/c the G200 core, will I have any trouble with the new drivers?

PII300 o/c at 450 (4,5x100),Elite 6PBX-A+
128MB SDRAM Micron,MGA-G200 8MB o/c at 120 + Voodoo2 12MB o/c at 95,SB128PCI,Quantum Fireball EX 10,2


1st July 1999, 21:15
800x600x16bit with a refresh rate of 110Hz.

Joel http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

1st July 1999, 21:49
I also had a quick go last night with these drivers to see if I can work out where things are going wrong...
My second machine has had my G200 since I got my G400 a few weeks back and has been running happy(ish) with v4.51 and iCD Beta2. I wiped out 4.51 and b2 myself but basically the same way as Kruzin said, apart from I didn't bother going to the lengths of deleting files. Installed This new build, and all is fine. Q3TEST works fine, Quake2 works fine, 3dmark99 works, and I also tried NFS:HS demo, which worked lovely. This is on an ABIT BX6 (r1), Celery300@464, 128mb, MillG200 (non OCed) etc etc.

So, sorry folks, but at the moment, I can't work out where it is going wrong for you lot. I'll try and break it later on...

It's Only A Graphics Card!
(But a damn good 'un!)

1st July 1999, 22:28
Having followed Kruzin's instructions, the new drivers installed successfully (although I did get a black "Windows protection error" mandatory reboot once when I was due to reboot anyway.

Everything looks fine on my 8Mb Mill G200 except for some redraw problems at 1280x1024 (32-bit colour). Even Q3Test works!

The redraw problems occur sometimes when windows are closed - instead of redrawing the layer beneath, it leaves 'noise' pixels. (I'm sure there's some technical name for that).

Overall, I think I'll live with it though until either a fix or my G400MAX arrives!


1st July 1999, 23:45
Hi guys,

I just installed PD5 serveral hours ago, but I didn't see any difference while playing Quake and Unreal. (maybe even slower http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif )

Then I ran Final Reality test, guess what? the Bus Transfer Rate was only the 1/3 of 4.33. I just don't know why.

The worst is: I even couldn't find any entrance to un-install PD5. (is it just like the way to un-intsall PD4?)



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2nd July 1999, 07:58
Hello again,
I've installed the new PD, here's what I've noticed so far:
1) Direct3D is somewhat slower than it was before. On 3D Mark 99 MAX I used to get 2500 3D Marks but now that has sliped down to 2380, and Final Reality scores are really down http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif
2) OpenGL is implemented, but not as good as some third party OpenGL drivers for the G200 (GLSetup comes to mind)
3) The card now seems somehow less stable to overclocking - I had to run at 112,5 core
Does anyone have something positive to say about the new PD release?

that guy
2nd July 1999, 08:04
Joel, TheMorg, well, it looks like 1280/32bpp is well and truly broken. 16bpp is better, but I still get some cursor redraw problems in IE. Aren't the beta testers checking all resolution/bit depths combinations?

2nd July 1999, 08:16
Duh...hyuk...what's a resolution? We're supposed to check those?

I think you could report a problem without taking a stab at the beta boiz.

1280x1024 is my standard desktop resolution, both in 32bit and 16bit at times. I have not seen the problem described happen a single time on my G200. At the moment, I am running the same drivers you are, which I got from the Matrox site when they where released.

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2nd July 1999, 08:37
Oh, and sorry, but I'll just go out and buy a second screen for my G200 system so I can test above 1024x768, shall I?

My G200 system's monitor can only go up to 1024x768 and so that is all I can test at.

It's Only A Graphics Card!
(But a damn good 'un!)

2nd July 1999, 08:44
steve you have a monitor. wow i only got an old vodka bottle filled with gas and a light bulb elament. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif

on a side note, my desk top is becomeing a ork battle wagon. (just added a monitor swing arm for my 15" second monitor (for g400)witch hovers above my ch throttle my 19 " monitor sits on a marble slab that is 8 in above my keyboard tray. with my sub woffer placed carefully in a resessed hole cut into the desk top. to the right of my keyboard is my ch force feedback j stick and of corse screwed in to the floor i have the old trusty ch pedals. now if i could only stop hitting my head on the rear celing mounted yamaha speakers i would be in good shape, dam lost my coffee in the pile of paper on this custom made desk monstrocity. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif you know looking at this growing nightmare of a desk i realize i must do something to cut the wire snake's that seem to be ganging up on the losse stacks of printouts that seem to dominate every square inch of free space. http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif i really have to stop drinking. now

waiting for g400 to show up can be painfull.


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that guy
2nd July 1999, 13:57
Thanks for that lovely bit of sarcasm steve. I would expect that with a competent beta testing staff, all resolutions and bit depths would be tested by at least one person. I was asking more for information than anything else. In other words, I was wondering if maybe my usual setting had been over looked in testing. I was not trying to fault the testers. I know everyone doesn't use my settings.

Andrew D
2nd July 1999, 14:04
I was wondering Kruzin. If you were a beta tester, and using the same version downloaded of Matrox's site,(you said something to the effect of "At the moment, I am running the same drivers you are, which I got from the Matrox site when they where released.") did you uninstall 5.13 and reinstall them? If you did, did you delete them and restore a registry? Just curios. The way my week has been, I don't want to waste my time reinstalling Windows and all my other .dll files etc.
Thanks man.

2nd July 1999, 14:18
Andrew - I'm not sure whether Kruzin did any uninstall but if he did, he probably used our uninstaller utility which will be released on Monday.

Guy - We also have an SQA dep't which tests all resolutions and color depths among other things. They did not see this problem that you are having. I was running all day today at 1280x1024@32bpp and could not see this either.

Perhaps it's system specific or monitor specific or both.


that guy
2nd July 1999, 15:17

My system consists of:
Win 98 SE
Mill G200 2.3 BIOS/PD 5.13
ASUS P2B-LS BIOS 1010 B3 (happened at 1009 also)
P2 350 Retail (not over clocked)
V2 SLI Ref Driver 2.53 (not Quake Compatible)
Philips PnP 109S Monitor

All pretty run of the mill stuff. I've tried enabling and disabling UCSW, changing the aperture size, bus timings, etc. I'm also not the only one having the problem at 1280/32bpp.

2nd July 1999, 19:30
Yes, I'm a tester...I was running a later beta version of PD5 on my G200. Normaly, I would have used the uninstaller Haig mentioned, but I wanted to try it with the same thing everyone else had. So I D/Ld the drivers and did a manual uninstall (simialar to the one listed above...but not quite, since there is no uninstall in PD5). I cleared out the files mentioned, and the registry of all Matrox/mga/G200 entries I could find. From a standard VGA mode, I ran the driver setup from a temp directory. Went without a hitch. Installed first try, and has not given me any problems since... (and that's even on my POS Comcrapq machine http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif)

P2-350(@103*4=412), Asus P2B(1009), 128meg PC100, MillG400 32meg(PD5.20.???), CL SB Live!Value, CL PC-DVD, Mitsumi CD-R, WD UDMA 8.4&6.4 gig, (2)USR 56k(multilinked), 3Com 905B-TX, etc...

mr Pither
2nd July 1999, 22:16
...about a problem after installing PD5
according the instructions !
(provided someone reads this far down the thread)

My problem, see system specs at the end:

After going through the instructions of
Kruzin/Matrox to the letter, when finally
restarting after the PD5 installation,
Windows does not load anymore. It goes on until the desktop is supposed to appear, but then completely freezes with a black screen.

Safe mode works. (...and there was much rejoicing) I'm able to load "normal"
windows if I remove the
"MGA-G200 AGP -English" adapter
from device manager. I'm currently have
"standard VGA adapter" setting and windows is up and running, 640*480, but at least I'm able to do something. The question is what.

Did not dare to reinstall 4.33c drivers on top of this mess. Can I uninstall PD5 with the same uninstall method of Kruzin/Matrox, or is it better to sit and wait the for the official uninstaller. Patience is a virtue, but still... I'd like to "reset" the situation and try again, but I'm not sure about removing the PD5.

Does anyone else have this problem ?
Didn't appear so. I know I'm in a minority with my SS7 -board here...

One thing. I once tried SciTechSoft's GLDirect a long time ago, but I have tried to remove it the best I could. Could there be something left to mess with PD5. I still have the original opengl32.dll prior to GLDirect install.

My system:

AMD k6-2 300
ASUS P5A (bios 1007)
Millenium G200 AGP (bios 2.3)
128 MB RAM
SB 16 ISA (old, I know)
Hyundai 15Pro
Windows 98

previously had 4.33c certified drivers,
no ICD beta installed

3rd July 1999, 00:52
Hi mr Pither,

I'm having similar problems. I can't get the installation to run properly and get stuck with the 640x480 16 color resolution.

To go back to older drivers just follow the Matrox Uninstall procedure and make sure you are in (STD VGA mode) and the 4.33C or 4.51 drivers will load .


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3rd July 1999, 06:47
I didn't follow Kruzin's directions (didn't know about them at the time).
I was at bios 2.3 and dr 4.51 and all I did was ADD/REMOVE>Remove PD>said "Yes" to Complete Uninstall". After the reboot I ran the setup.exe from Explorer.
Everything seems fine so far. The "Readme" file that comes with these new drivers implies that all you have to do is run the setup.exe from Explorer and thats it. No removal of your present drivers. I wish they would fix that. I seem to have made the right guess. I'm sure there are a lot of newbie/inexperienced users who will just do as they are told by the Readme's instructions.

P2-450;256MB PC100;Asus P2B;16MB G200 Mystique 5.13,2.3; 12MB CL V2;CL SB Live(LW2); ViewSonic 17PS; 10GB Maxtor 7200RPM UDMA2;3.2GB Quantum FB ST UDMA2;CL 2X Encore;USR 5686 External Sportster V.90;Win98;DX6.1;IE5a etc.