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Matt Sq
2nd July 1999, 09:39
I've been using G200clk for a while now, but after installing PD5 it began crashing the PC. In fact, the standard clock dividers and speed used in 2d resolutions seem to have changed. Worse than this though, is that switching to 3d seems to reset any values I impose on the card from G200clk, and so all my games run slower simply thanks to not being able to overclock anymore. Does anyone know a way around this, or if not, is it possible to re-install PD4.51 and keep the new ICD?


2nd July 1999, 10:38
I too am having this problem with MOC 3.0.0 as my quake II speeds seem to be slower, does PD5 support MOC?
thanks in advance, jim

P2-350 o/c 450, BH-6 mobo,128mb pc-100,Mill. G-200 8mb o/c 115, win98,dx6.1,4.51,2.3

cpt puget
2nd July 1999, 10:44
i read where moc doesnt work any more with pd5. it might take awhile for g200 oc to be viable again. there is always powerstrip, but that is not my first choice. if anyine knows a for sure cure, let me know. with no uninstall, pd5 is kind of a mixed blessing.

2nd July 1999, 10:50
why is everyone having problems with 5.13??? i've had none...i o/c @110 with moc & 200mhzppl, 19 memory refresh (5.13 seems to set this @59) and the settings recommended by the creator of g200clk apart from that 6 i tried in both 2 & 3
btw here are some benchmarks:
16bit z-buffer / 4.51=3108
32bit z-buffer / 5.13=3156
however i stopped all overclocking...i realised games run smoother without o/c...
(i hope u understand what i write here...i write this msg very quicly :-) )

2nd July 1999, 10:54
thereīs no reason to use MOC with G200 since it really doesnīt support this chip, itīs made for older Matrox cards.

I suggest you visit gbm:s site at grafi.ii.pw.edu.pl/gbm/matrox (http://grafi.ii.pw.edu.pl/gbm/matrox) and download his excellent MXSET utility.

It works well with PD5, at least on my machine, itīs easy to use and it gives the info you need to see whatīs happening to your card in terms of clockrates.


2nd July 1999, 11:13
...and from the same site rubank mentioned, you can get the info to permanently overlock your G200. Once you find the settings that work best for you, you can program those to the bios of your card...and never need o/c software again http://forums.gagames.com/forums/biggrin.gif

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2nd July 1999, 11:28
excellent info on the permanent settings, I'll give it a go!!

P2-350 o/c 450, BH-6 mobo,128mb pc-100,Mill. G-200 8mb o/c 115, win98,dx6.1,PD5.13, bios 2.3

3rd July 1999, 03:35
Yes, you can permanently overclock, but I have found that I get less stability this way - lower speeds are fine, but I can not attain the higher speeds that I can using software OC. I found that the best middle ground was a permanent OC of 192MHz - 24MHz over standard. It's a Mill G200 SD, btw.
And using g200clk with the PD 5.13 drivers has worked fine with me. The only difference I've noticed is that the default mem refresh is now 63, instead of 19. No real difference in performance that I've been able to notice from that. D3D has been about the same, but OGL went up by about 4 fps with 5.13.